MESA - Middle East Studies Association

Celebrating 50 With a Move!

The University of Arizona has provided complimentary office space/utilities to MESA for 35 years, and we are grateful beyond measure for that generosity! In this era of diminishing university funds, the university was compelled to begin charging MESA market rent on the house at 1219 N. Santa Rita Avenue. In weighing those monthly costs versus purchasing its own space, MESA took the plunge and now owns a small building (1600 square feet) located just under three miles from campus proper. That's right, your association owns property and is celebrating 50 in a big way! The Secretariat is mostly settled in the new building.

New Address:

Middle East Studies Association
3542 N. Geronimo Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: 520-333-2577
Fax: 520-207-3166

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