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2012 MESA FilmFest

Welcome to the 29th MESA FilmFest. We are pleased to bring you some wonderful films and three extra film events in honor of special guest Jack G. Shaheen. Check the schedule for details.

We are also pleased with the active cooperation of The Association for Gulf Arabian Peninsula Studies (AGAPS) in soliciting and identifying film entries from the Gulf region. These films are designated as such.

The MESA FilmFest is shown concurrently with the annual meeting. Only registered conference attendees have access to the FilmFest screenings and activities. There is no one-day pass nor individual film passes.

Badges will be checked at the door.


For more information, please contact Nadia Hlibka, MESA FilmFest coordinator:

ALL CAPS = Feature film


November 17
10:00 am

Mad, Mad Mad World (4 min.)

(The MESA FilmFest Logo-an Iranian cartoon)
10:05am Charents: In Search of My Armenian Poet (Armenia) (99 min.)
11:45 am Syria: Assad’s Twilight (Syria) (52 min.)
12:40 pm BAS YA BAHAR (Kuwait) (108 min.)
2:30 pm Hilltops (West Bank) (43 min.)
3:15 pm We Are Egypt (Egypt) (85 min.)
4:45 pm Nations and Tribes (UAE) (9 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
4:55 pm Salaam Dunk (Iraq/Kurdistan/USA) (82 min.)
6:25 pm Minarets of Temecula (USA) (28 min.)
6:55 pm Al Halqa: in the Storyteller’s Circle (Morocco) (52 min.)
7:50 pm Hamour (Qatar) (11 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
8:03 pm Power of Generations (Bahrain) (3 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film

8:07 pm

November 18
9:00 am The Boy Mir: Ten Years in Afghanistan (Afghanistan) (98 min.)
10:40 am Fragments of a Revolution (Iran)(57 min.)
11:40 pm Defusing Human Bombs (Pakistan) (58 min.)
12:40 pm SOOG (Mourning) (Iran) (92 min.)
2:15 pm Tagut: Harvesting the Clouds (Morocco)(19 min.)
2:35 pm Suffering Grasses (Syria) (52 min.)
3:30 pm Going Up the Stairs (Iran) (52 min.)
4:25 pm

Terror in the Promised Land (60)

*Special event with Jack G. Shaheen. Introduction and post-screening discussion with Jack G. Shaheen, Zachary Lockman and Helga Tawil-Souri
7-8:30 pm Presidential Address Awards Ceremony (no films screened)
8:45 pm Power of Generations (Bahrain) (3 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
8:48 pm FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS (West Bank) (90 min.)
November 19

8:15 am*

My Neighborhood (Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories/USA) (52 min.)
9:10 am

Light in Her Eyes (Syria)(85 min.)

10:35 am Revolution Hijacked: Post Mubarak Egypt (Australia/Egypt) (27 min.)
11:05 am

Quest for Honor (Kurdistan) (63 min.)

12:10 pm Rabbit Hole (UAE) (22 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
12:35 pm Winds are Fair as are Our Intentions (Kuwait) (22 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
1:00-2:30 pm MESA Members Meeting (no films screened)
2:30 pm WHEN THE VOICES FADE (USA/Lebanon) (22 min.)
2:55 pm Wonderland: A True Story (Kuwait)(38 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
3:35 pm Not Quite White: Arabs, Slavs, and the Contours of Contested Whiteness (USA) (24 min.)
4:00 pm Karama Has No Walls (Yemen)(20 min.)
4:20 pm Manuscripts of Timbuktu (Mali) (52 min.)
*This screening sponsored by the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS)
5:10 pm SABEEL (UAE) (20 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film

5:30 pm

Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football (USA) (82 min.)
With introduction by Jack G. Shaheen
7:30 pm-9 pm FilmFest Reception in honor of Jack G. Shaheen and the
exhibit, "A is for Arab".

Events are hosted by the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, the Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute and the Bobst Library at New York University.

November 20
8:00 am Tunisia Year Zero (Tunisia) (52 min.)
8:55 am One Hand: The Heroic Struggle for Muslim-Christianity Unity in the New Egypt (Egypt/USA) (47) min.
9:45 am The Battle for the Arab Viewer (Egypt) (48 min.)
10:35 am Hamour (Qatar) (11 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
10:50 am Power of Generations (Bahrain) (3 min.) AGAPS Gulf Focus Film
11:00 am-2:00 pm Viewer's Choice

Attendees pick their favorites (feature films are not repeated).




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