MESA - Middle East Studies Association

MESA 2018 Roommate Locator Service

The MESA Secretariat will help to facilitate the efforts of those who wish to find a roommate during the MESA 2018 annual meeting by offering them space on the website to share information and find each other.

DISCLAIMER: MESA is not responsible for screening roommates, does not get involved in financial arrangements between roommates or between roommates and the hotel, and makes no guarantees of any kind about compatibility, trustworthiness, etc. Persons who reserve rooms and occupy rooms at the hotel are financially obligated to pay for those rooms regardless of whether or not a roommate comes through. Please remember that if you sign up as a roommate, you create an obligation to the person with whom you share a room. If you bail out at the last minute, you will leave your roommate in a financial quandary.

If you would like to share a hotel room while attending the 2018 meeting, please follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the roommate locator form and submit it via the internet to the MESA Secretariat. MESA will post your information (provided you give us permission) on the "Roommates Wanted" web page where others can access your information and get in touch with you.
  2. Visit the "Roommates Wanted" web page to find a roommate.
  3. Inform Mark Lowder of the MESA Secretariat when you have made arrangements for a roommate so that your name can be removed from the "Roommates Wanted" list.

If you are unable to access the forms or have questions, please contact Mark Lowder ( (520-333-2577 ext. 105).

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