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Husayn, Nebil

Graduate Student, Religious Studies
University of Miami

Nebil Ahmed Husayn received his BA in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Virginia, with a concentration in Arabic, Persian and early Islamic history. A Fulbright fellowship from 2004-2006 provided an opportunity to complete research in Syria, where he became the Public Relations Director for the Hāshimid Genealogy Trust. In addition to research on the history and segmentation of Alid populations, he completed seminary coursework in Arabic, comparative law, history and theology in Syria and Tarim, Yemen. He received an MA in Arabic and Islamic studies from the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department at Harvard University in 2010. His MA thesis was entitled: “Discrepancies in Paternity: Alid Genealogy in Muslim Society.” He is currently a Ph.D candidate in the Near Eastern Studies department at Princeton University. His research interests include the contributions of Alids throughout the Umayyad and Abbasid eras, pro-Alid treatises on the Imamate, and Sunni rationalist, Mu‘tazili and Shi’i legal theories and theology.

Religious Studies/Theology
Islamic Studies   
Islamic Thought   
All Middle East   
Islamic World   
Mutazili thought   
Pro-Alid Sunni and Shi'i Intellectual History   
The intellectual and political history of Alids   
Arabic (Fluent)   
Amharic (Intermediate)   
Persian (Advanced)   
PhD2016Near Eastern StudiesPrinceton University
MA2010Near Eastern Languages and Civ.Harvard University
Nebil Husayn

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Coral Gables, FL
United States

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