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Full Session List (Total: 244)

  1. [P4722] Trump's Foreign Policies toward the Kurds (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  2. [P4724] Labor, Capitalism and Mobilization after the Arab Spring (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  3. [P4725] Broadening the Narrative: Ibadi Islam in Focus (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  4. [P4726] Provincializing Political Theory: Islamic Intellectuals and the Production of Knowledge in Turkey (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  5. [R4727] Defining Early Modernity in Ottoman History (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  6. [P4729] The Preservation of Historic Architecture in North African Cities (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  7. [P4730] Diasporic Devotion: Transnational Religion and Middle East Migrations (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  8. [R4732] AATT Roundtable: Focus on the Learner (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  9. [P4733] Old Texts, New Methods: Innovative Methodologies for Medieval History (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  10. [P4734] International Law in the Contemporary Middle East: Impeding or Facilitating Violence? (Part 1) (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  11. [P4735] Hebron in the Modern Period: Social, Political, and Economic Dynamics in Southern Palestine (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  12. [P4737] Reflections on the State and Statelessness in the Post-Arab Spring Era (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  13. [P4739] On the Verge of Rout: The Politics of Hope and Disappointment Post the Arab Spring (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  14. [R4740] Updating the Conflict in Yemen (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  15. [P4742] The Prize?: Energy, Security, and Expertise (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  16. [P4743] Examining Sign Language Education in the Middle East (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  17. [P4744] The South in the Yemeni Conflict (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  18. [P4745] (Im)Mobilizing Agency in the Context of Short, Medium, and Long-term Displacement in Jordan (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  19. [P4746] A new social contract for the MENA countries: Concepts, challenges and opportunities (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  20. [P4747] Negotiating Gender and Morality in the Ottoman First World War (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  21. [R4748] Conducting Archival Research in MENA: Current Challenges, Creative Solutions (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  22. [P4750] Psychiatry in the Middle East: Hospitals, Science and Care (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  23. [P4751] Spaces of Youth Political Engagement Six Years after the 2011 Uprisings (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  24. [R4753] Alternative Archives: New Approaches to Egypt's Modern History (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  25. [P4754] The Allure of the Mundane: What to Do with the Micro and the Daily in Middle East History? (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  26. [P4755] Memory and identity: The significance of locality in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Egypt and Israel/Palestine (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  27. [P4760] Postcolonial Arab Feminisms: Past Meets Present (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  28. [P4761] Islam and the State in Egypt: An Institution-Centered Approach (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  29. [P4762] Tradition and Modernity: Reform, Gender, and Neo-traditionalism in Egypt and beyond (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  30. [P4763] Gendered Transformations: "New Women" of the Mandate Period (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  31. [P4766] Precarious Visibility as a Mode of Governance: The Case of Alevis in Turkey (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  32. [P4772] Emancipatory Transformations in Kurdistan: Autonomy, Radical Democracy, and Gender Liberation (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  33. [P4775] Literary Genealogy in Medieval and Modern Iberia and North Africa (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  34. [P4776] Iraq's Many Pasts, Iraq's Many Presents: Memory, Archive, and Representation (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  35. [P4777] Waqf and Administration in the Ottoman Balkans (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  36. [P4779] "Arab Arabists:" Public Intellectuals and the Production of Knowledge About the Arab World (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  37. [P4780] Making Falsafa: Towards a Modern History of Arabic Philosophy (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  38. [P4783] Humanitarianism in the Ottoman Empire during World War I (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  39. [P4784] Fatimid Studies (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  40. [R4785] Histories of Slavery in Medieval Islamic Societies (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  41. [P4788] Histories of Place Making in the Middle East (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  42. [R4790] Competing Discourses of Masculinity in the Arab World (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  43. [P4794] Form and Language in Arabic Poetics (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  44. [P4795] Protest in the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa: strategic interaction perspectives (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  45. [P4798] Rethinking Security Studies in the Arab World: In/Security Beyond the State (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  46. [P4800] (Trans)nationalisms and the Left in the Greater Maghrib, 1910-1970 (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  47. [P4801] Mizrahi Cultural Trespassers: Boundary Crossing, Patriotism and Betrayal in Israel/Palestine (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  48. [P4802] Mass Media in Middle East Historiography (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  49. [P4803] The Conflicted Legacies of the Iran Iraq War (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  50. [P4805] De-centering the study of Shiism (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  51. [P4806] The Dynamics of Tolerance in the Contemporary Middle East (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  52. [P4807] Frictions of Governing in the MENA (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  53. [P4808] Gender and Mobility in Arab Women's Writings (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  54. [P4810] Refugees from Syria: State Policies, Humanitarian Aid, and the Lived Experience of Exile (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  55. [P4811] Presenting and Representing Iran in Museum Collections and Exhibitions (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  56. [P4812] Tourism, Heritage, and the Politics of Place in the Middle East (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  57. [P4813] After the Spring: Contentious Politics and Political Processes beyond 2011 (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  58. [P4814] Looking East: Knowledge, Travel, and Friendship Between the Middle East and Asia in the 19th Century (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  59. [P4815] Gendering Migration & Transnationalizing Gender in the Middle East & North Africa (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  60. [P4817] Seeking Order: Sufi Responses to Ottoman Power in 16th-17th Century Egypt and Syria (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  61. [R4818] Teaching Middle East Studies in a Controversial Time: Between Activism and Accountability (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  62. [P4819] Gender-Based Violence, Solidarity, and Advocacy (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  63. [P4820] "The Political" in Political Islam: Conflict, consensus, or something else? (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  64. [P4823] Imagery in Jewish Morocco (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  65. [P4824] Politics, Space, and Subjectivity in the Arabian Peninsula (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  66. [P4826] Vulnerability and Exclusion: Examining Access to Services and Institutions for Syrian Refugees and Residents of Cairo's Ashwayyat (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  67. [P4828] Restoring History, Recording History: From Bint al-Shati' to Samar Yazbek (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  68. [P4829] Historical Perspectives on the Life Worlds of Middle Eastern Oil (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  69. [R4830] "Can You Read This One?" New Advances and Issues in Digital Recognition of Printed/Handwritten Arabic Characters (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  70. [P4831] Circulation and Migration: Armenian Migrants in the Ottoman Empire and Beyond (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  71. [P4832] The Cultural Politics of Violence (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  72. [P4833] Schooling in Iraq: Modernity and Education in Iraqi Memory (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  73. [P4834] Narratives of Struggle: Maintaining and Preserving Kurdish Cultural Heritage (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  74. [P4839] Transnational Andalus (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  75. [P4840] Community Based Learning (CBL), An Instructional Methodology for Attaining Professional Proficiency in Arabic: The CASA Experience (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  76. [P4841] Social, Political, and Ideological Activism in the Shi'i World (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  77. [P4842] Rethinking the Maghreb: Liminality and Transversal Connections (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  78. [P4844] Archives, Excavation, and the Arab Present (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  79. [P4845] Activism, Contestation and Political Participation in the Middle East and North Africa (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  80. [P4846] Representations of Jews in Contemporary Arabic Literature (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  81. [P4847] Fashioning Philosopher-Kings in the Post-Mongol Persian Cosmopolis, 13th-19th Centuries (I) (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  82. [P4850] Arab public opinion research: Challenges and prospects (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  83. [P4851] Historical GIS applications to analyze economic geography and transport infrastructure in the Ottoman Empire (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  84. [P4852] Social and Environmental Histories of the Middle East in the Nineteenth Century (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  85. [P4853] Regulating Print in the Late Ottoman Empire: A New Look into the Question of Censorship (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  86. [P4854] Materialities of Translation and Circulation: Rethinking Late Ottoman Intellectual History (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  87. [P4856] Mediterranean Crossings and Tunisian Settlements, 1860-2017 (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  88. [P4858] Tales of Espionage, Diplomacy, and War (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  89. [P4859] Rethinking Pastoralists and Pastoral Nomadism in the Ottoman Empire (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  90. [R4861] Navigating Jewish Campus and Community Debates on Israel/Palestine in the Age of Trump (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  91. [P4862] The Beast in Image, Text and Politics (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  92. [P4865] Formulaic Language and Pragmatic Competence (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  93. [P4867] The Future of Middle Eastern Regimes: At the Intersection of Domestic and International Politics (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  94. [P4869] Loyalists in the Gulf: Reliable Partners or Independent Actors (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  95. [P4870] Politics of Legitimacy in the Maghreb (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  96. [P4871] Changing configurations of the political and the religious in the early modern Ottoman and Safavid Empires (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  97. [P4874] Excavating Memories of Minorities in the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  98. [P4876] Fraught Docs: Questioning Categories and Exploring Infrastructural Challenges of Documentary Filmmaking from the Arab World (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  99. [P4877] The Exegetical Tradition of Avicenna's Canon of Medicine (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  100. [P4878] The Occult in Islamicate Society: The Cases of Magic and Alchemy (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  101. [P4880] Tanzimat as Translation (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  102. [P4881] Rethinking Wahhabism in the Gulf (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  103. [P4882] Gender struggles and interpretive frameworks: how far can they travel? (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  104. [P4883] The Arab Revolt in Palestine (1936-39): Internal and External Factors (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  105. [P4886] Colonialism and Culinary Cultures in the Middle East and North Africa (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  106. [P4887] Fashioning Philosopher-Kings in the Post-Mongol Persian Cosmopolis, 13th-19th Centuries (II) (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  107. [P4888] Who Protects What! Actors of Conservation from Late Ottoman Empire to Republican Turkey (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  108. [P4890] Syrian Kurds: Contesting Boundaries (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  109. [P4891] Law and Ideology in the Turkish Republic (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  110. [P4892] Children, Youth, and Media in Middle Eastern Conflict Zones (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  111. [P4893] What's Really New about the Trump Era for Arab and Muslim Americans? (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  112. [P4894] Maintaining Body and Mind in Modern Iraq (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  113. [P4895] Practices of Translation in the Ottoman and Safavid Empires (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  114. [P4896] Rethinking ISIS: War, Crisis, and Transformation (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  115. [P4897] Slave Women in Muslim Society: Their Portrayal as Singers and Poets, Criminals and Concubines (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  116. [P4898] Sovereignty Reformed: Ottoman Authority between the International and the Islamic in the Tanzimat Era (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  117. [R4899] Apology Accepted? Combatting Islamophobia without Sacrificing Critical Perspective in the Academy (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  118. [P4900] The Islamic and the Modern in the Twentieth Century Visual Middle East (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  119. [P4902] Reconsidering Israeli-Lebanese Relations (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  120. [P4903] Colonial Regimes and Anti-Colonial Revolts between Maghrib and Mashriq, 1920-1950 (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  121. [P4904] From the Bedroom to the Street: Projecting Gender and Sexuality in Public Places (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  122. [P4905] Egypt's Judiciary Since the Revolution (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  123. [P4907] Contested Cultures of Revolution: Cultural Production in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  124. [P4910] Arab, Jewish, and Arab Jewish Critiques of Zionism (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  125. [P4912] Liminal Urbanity: Cities Between Ruin and Prosperity (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  126. [P4913] Politics of Religion During WWI as lived and remembered in the Ottoman Empire (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  127. [P4915] Blackness in the Middle East: a Comparative Perspective (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  128. [P4916] New Boundaries of State/Resistance Constellations in the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  129. [P4918] Intersectional Approaches to Critiquing Orientalism (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  130. [P4919] Contemporary Political Art of the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  131. [P4920] Connection, Contagion, and Calamity: Social Uses and Effects of Infrastructural Networks in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  132. [R4921] Material Politics in the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  133. [P4922] Local governance and social accountability reforms in the wake of the Arab Spring (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  134. [P4925] Violence, Legality, and Law on the Ottoman Periphery (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  135. [P4926] Circulating Science and Scaling Innovation: Science and Technology Studies in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  136. [P4927] Occupying Space: Land, Religion, Power in Colonial North Africa (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  137. [R4929] Social Media, Feminist Praxis, and State Power (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  138. [P4930] Between the National and the International: Arab Communists from the Mashreq to the Maghreb in the 1940s and 1950s (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  139. [P4931] Rethinking State-Society Relations in Modern Egypt (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  140. [P4933] Art and Mediation: Affective and Socio-political Practices of Revolutionary Challenges (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  141. [P4934] From Hope to Disappointment: The Failure of Reconciliation Processes in Turkey (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  142. [P4938] Gendering the Body in the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  143. [P4939] Representations of Struggle and Horizons of Freedom (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  144. [P4940] Authority in Concrete: State, Space, and Infrastructures in Turkey (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  145. [P4942] New Perspectives on Literacy in TAFL (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  146. [P4944] Noticing the Details: Approaches to Close Reading of the Persian Tazkira Tradition (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  147. [P4945] A New Corpus for the Islamicate World and Methods for Its Exploration (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  148. [P4946] Articulations of Struggle in Transnational Palestinian Resistance Circuits (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  149. [P4948] Arab Leftist Intellectuals as (re)Active Agents in times of Change (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  150. [P4949] Networks of Circulation and the Exchange of Ideas in Modern Afghanistan (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  151. [P4950] Between Continuity & Change: Conceptualizing Slavery, Tyranny, Gender, and Tolerance in Islamic Thought & the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  152. [P4951] Missionary Renegades: Resisting the Metanarrative in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  153. [P4952] Arabic-script typography: history, technology, & aesthetics (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  154. [P4953] Politics, History and State Formation in the Modern Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  155. [P4954] From the Body to the Body-Politic: The Politics of Medical Knowledge and Practice (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  156. [P4955] Rivalry, Revival, and Survival: Contemporary Algerian and Tunisian Contestations and Reconfigurations (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  157. [P4957] The Great Fear of 1895: Armenian Reform, Rumor and Violence across the Ottoman Empire (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  158. [P4958] Nationalism In and Out of "Translation": Theater, Satire, and Memoirs across the Persianate World (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  159. [P4959] Implicated Digital Transitions in the MENA Region (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  160. [P4962] The Gulf: Visualizing the National Narrative (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  161. [P4964] Echoes of battle: Legitimation, memory, and the distant past in Islamic narratives (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  162. [C4965] Middle East Feminist and Queer Studies: State of the Field (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  163. [P4966] Political Parties, Attitudes, and Elections (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  164. [P4967] Islamist Thought and Practice (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  165. [P4968] Cultural Politics of Youth (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  166. [P4969] Music and Politics "min al-Mashriq ila al-Maghrib" (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  167. [P4970] Civil Society and Social Activism (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  168. [P4971] Foreign Relations in and Beyond the Middle East (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  169. [P4972] Transactions of Knowledge and Power: East-West and West-East (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  170. [P4973] Law, Legitimacy, and Laziness in Late Ottoman Imperial Culture (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  171. [P4974] State Consolidation and Contestation in Qajar and Pahlavi Iran (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  172. [P4975] Women and Contemporary Politics (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  173. [P4976] Women and Leadership: Past and Present (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  174. [P4977] The Impact of External Actors on Political Economy (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  175. [P4978] Water Politics (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  176. [P4979] Peasants, Land, and Politics (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  177. [P4980] Humanitarianism and the Syrian Crisis (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  178. [P4982] Border and Boundaries (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  179. [P4983] Diaspora and Political Participation (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  180. [P4984] Workers across Borders: Labor, Migration, and Class (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  181. [P4985] Visual Engagement: Between the Self and the Nation (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  182. [P4986] From Commerce to Economics in Islamic Thought and Society (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  183. [P4987] Gendering and Governing the Body (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  184. [P4988] Anxieties, Resistances, and the Clergy in Egyptian and Iranian Film (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  185. [P4989] States and Identities in the Oil-Rich Arab World (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  186. [P4990] Knowledge Exchange and Production across Borders (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  187. [P4991] Poetics of the Political (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  188. [P4992] Managing and Manufacturing Disaster (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  189. [P4993] Melancholia, Race, and Enslavement (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  190. [P4994] Schooling the Nation: the Politics of Education in Historical Perspective (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  191. [P4995] Teaching in and on MENA: Programs and Histories (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  192. [P4996] The Surreal and the Real between Orientalism and Post-Orientalism (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  193. [P4997] Revolution, Refusal and Rebellion: Past and Present (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  194. [P4998] Disillusionment, Ambivalence, and Narrations of the Self (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  195. [P4999] Nahda, Translation, and the Transnational (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  196. [P5000] Textual Configurations of Gender and the Body (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  197. [P5001] Triangulated Subjects: Displacement, Transit, and Activism (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  198. [P5002] Urban Imaginaries: Governing through Housing (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  199. [P5003] Innovations in Foreign Language Curricula, Instruction, and Proficiency Assessment (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  200. [P5004] Making the Modern: the Politics of Heritage (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  201. [P5005] Criminalizing Resistance: Producing Palestinian (in)Security (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  202. [P5006] Histories of Infrastructure and Techno-politics (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  203. [P5007] Genocide and the Unmixing of Peoples: the Ottoman Empire and Its Aftermath (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  204. [P5008] Neoliberalism in the City (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  205. [P5009] Politics, Culture, and Everyday Life in Safavid Poetry and Prose (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  206. [P5010] Invoking Religion in and against Imperialism, Occupation, and War (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  207. [P5011] Women, Islam, and Family Law (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  208. [P5012] Literary Configurations of Secular Modernity (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  209. [P5013] The Formation of the Secular Since Ottoman Times (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  210. [P5014] Medieval Islamic Thought at the Intersection of Intellectual and Social History (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  211. [P5015] Negotiating Memories and Legacies of Communal Violence in WWI Anatolia (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  212. [P5016] Transitional Justice in Tunisia and Libya (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  213. [P5017] Perspectives on Nationalism: Anti-Imperialism, Community-building and the Body (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  214. [P5018] Rebels and Insurgents: Recruitment, Effectiveness, and Support (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  215. [P5019] Protest, Repression, and Cooptation Before and After the Arab Uprisings (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  216. [P5020] Leisure, Consumerism, and Food (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  217. [P5021] Analyzing the Islamic State: Strategies and Counter-strategies (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  218. [P5022] Competition and Social Practice in Early and Medieval Islamic Poetry (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  219. [P5023] Militaries of the Middle East: Politics and Economics (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  220. [P5024] Ethnographies of Everyday Politics (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  221. [P5025] Sectarianism: States, Parties, and Representations (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  222. [P5026] Media: Circulation and Censorship (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  223. [P5027] Islamism, Liberalism, and Beyond in Turkish Politics (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  224. [P5028] Language and Identity (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  225. [C5029] Global Arab America: Cosmopolitanism and its Discontents (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  226. [C5030] Usurpation: The Untold Stories of the Iraq War 2003-Present (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  227. [C5031] "Teaching Palestine: Pedagogical Praxis and the Indivisibility of Justice" al Commitment" (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  228. [C5032] Unraveling the Middle East III: The End...? (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  229. [C5033] Evaluating Digital Scholarship - Proposed guidelines for MESA (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  230. [C5035] Everyday Life of Sectarianism in the Middle East: Ambivalent Articulations of “Sectarian” Difference and the “Other” (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  231. [C5036] Is There a Modern Muslim Mediterranean? (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  232. [C5040] Reading Middle Eastern Literatures Comparatively (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  233. [C5042] Funding Opportunities in the MENA Region: Joint degrees (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  234. [C5045] Sex & Sexualities in the Middle East and North Africa (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  235. [S5046] Thinking Palestine Intersectionally (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  236. [S5047] BDS: A Critical Evaluation (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  237. [S5048] Academic Freedom Trends and the Work of MESA's Committee on Academic Freedom (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  238. [S5050] Professional Issues Workshop: Confronting Sexual Harassment in the Academy (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  239. [S5051] Professional Development Workshop: Proposal Writing and Research Design: How To Fund Your Ideas (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  240. [P5052] International Law in the Contemporary Middle East: Impeding or Facilitating Violence? (Part 2) (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  241. [S5053] Turkey Since the July 2016 Coup Attempt (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  242. [S5054] Special Presidential Panel: MESA, ACLU and the Muslim Ban (Sunday, 11/19/17 6:00pm)
  243. [S5055] Undergraduate Research Poster Session (Saturday, 11/18/17 4:00pm)
  244. [S5056] Hot Topic Roundtable: What Just Happened in Saudi Arabia? Contextualizing Power, Crises and Crackdowns (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)