[S5048] Academic Freedom Trends and the Work of MESA's Committee on Academic Freedom

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Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm


MESA's Committee on Academic Freedom took on a record number of cases in 2016. From the continuing repression in Egypt to the swift decent into authoritarianism in Turkey, many countries of the region witnessed significant violations of academic freedom, regardless of educational level or type of institution. Nor was the US exempt, as the arrival of new administration committed to a discriminatory approach to, among others, Muslims and Middle Easterners with the issuance of successive travel bans, has made clear. Indeed 2017 has already demonstrated that current trends are likely to continue, and perhaps worsen. This panel seeks to review some of the most important cases from the MENA region and the US of 2017. CAF members will discuss Egypt, Turkey and the Gulf States, while another presentation will highlight the ongoing battles in the academy surrounding the boundaries for the portrayal of Israel by focusing on the response to the UN commissioned ESCWA report concerning Israeli state practices of Apartheid. A member of the California Scholars for Academic Freedom will discuss the network and its responses to recent "lawfare" attacks on academics in the UC and Cal State systems. These interventions will seek to place recent developments in broader socio-political and historical context, analyzing them as integral parts of ongoing political transitions, not as developments limited to the academy. The panel will thus provide an important opportunity for MESA members to learn more, not only about CAF's work, but also about the broader context in which our colleagues who are on the front lines of these battles both in MENA and North America are struggling to assert their rights to academic freedom.


MESA's Committee on Academic Freedom


Pol Science


Nancy E. Gallagher

(UC Santa Barbara)
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;

Laurie Brand

(University of Southern California)
Panel Participating Role(s): Chair;

Miriam R. Lowi

(The College of New Jersey)
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;

Asli Bali

(UCLA School of Law)
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;

Joshua Stacher

(Kent State University)
Panel Participating Role(s): Organizer; Presenter;

Virginia Tilley

(Southern Illinois University)
I work primarily on the politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including studies of Palestinian and Zionist political histories. In the last decade I've given particular attention to how the conflict has been periodically reinterpreted through...
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;