2020 Annual Meeting

MESA 2020 Annual Meeting Virtual Conference

The MESA 2020 annual meeting program included over 300 sessions and several plenary events. To see the many panels, special sessions, roundtables, workshops, and thematic conversations, see the searchable database and download the printable program and the program addendum.

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Links to the plenary events can be found below:

How to Access Recordings: 

MESA 2020 Annual Meeting Virtual Conference


Instructions for finding a session video

Step 1: Go to the conference website: https://mesa2020.secure-platform.com

Step 2: Above the “Welcome to MESA 2020!”, click on Schedule

  • You may be prompted to sign in again
  • If this occurs, use the email address that you have signed in with previously 
  • A new link will then be sent to that email address, click it to access the conference website and proceed to follow Step 2

Step 3: On the right-hand side, click “See Results from All Days”

Step 4: Then enter in the title of the session that you would like to view and hit search

Step 5: After the new page loads, proceed to click on the session title

Step 6: The recording will be available in the top left-hand corner

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