ABE-MESA Book Co-op

Exclusive Representation:

This year, Association Book Exhibit (ABE) is working closely with MESA to provide a combined exhibit service option for publishers choosing not to participate on their own. This is an exclusive exhibit opportunity. There will be no other co-op exhibit option available.

The ABE-MESA Book Co-op will feature:

  • prime exhibit space location just inside of hall entrance
  • enhanced Titles on Display ordering catalog
  • opportunities for exclusive table top space within the exhibit (limited - subject to availability - first come, first served)
  • author signing sessions/sales

Sign up early, especially if you have need for a full or half table or foresee a speaker/presenter author's signing session.

This meeting is your opportunity to meet with Middle East scholars, business people, librarians and others who share an avid interest in the Middle East. Plan to send your largest selection of new / best selling titles to this important scholarly book-buying event.

There is no need for you to attend MESA. Association Book Exhibit serves as your representative
and on your behalf we:

  • Arrange an attractive display of all titles, most face-out
  • Distribute "Titles on Display" bibliographic ordering catalog to attendees visiting ABE's exhibit
  • Encourage on-site orders
  • Provide (via emaiD exhibit photo, summary sheet, and Titles on Display catalog to all participating publishers

* Significant first-time/multi-show discounts available. Call 703-619-5030 for details

Form and Instructions

Association Book Exhibit - MESA
80 S. Early Street
Alexandria, VA 22304 
Tel: 703-619-5030 
Fax: 703-684-4059 

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