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Elayah, Moosa

Senior scholar fellow, Faculty of Social Science, Radboud University
Radboud University Nijmegen

Dr. Elayah was born in Ibb, Yemen, and he is currently working as a senior scholar fellow in development and peace-building, Radboud University, the Netherlands. He was a senior lecturer (assistant professor) Political Sciences Dep., University of Sana’a, Yemen. He is the vice director of the center for governance and peace-building in MENA. From 2009-2013, Elayah has conducted his Ph.D. research at Leiden University on institutional reform and, particularly, the role of international donors in fostering democratization and public sector reforms in developing countries. His Ph.D. dissertation topic was: “Local Knowledge Syndrome and Donor-Promoted Public Sector Reforms in Developing Countries". In this study, he used a methodological approach to analyze the European Union’s development and foreign policies, in particular Dutch aid policies. He focused on Yemen but also looked at many examples of other developing countries. Therefore, he is well-versed in the political system and broader governance issues in the Yemeni context. He also has good academic and professional knowledge of Middle East’s international relations and development issues. Since his PhD, he has shifted his research focuses to the role of donors in promoting NGOs, women and youth for peace building within the Arab Spring countries. He conducted research looking into the allocation patterns of local NGOs in Yemen, which has been reviewed as an exceptional research paper by the Gerhart Center of the American University in Cairo. He been awarded a big grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) to carry out and coordinate a multi-partner research project entitled 'The 2013 National Dialogue Conference (NDC) in Yemen: Why did it fail to prevent conflict?'. The project offers important reflections on the peacebuilding process in Yemen, based on a comparison with national dialogues elsewhere in the region (Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia), and pays special attention to the role of women in this process. He has finished two other research projects: (1) Yemen’s forgotten war: a content analysis of the coverage of Saudi- Yemen war by the European media, (2) The Challenges facing CSOs in the Twilight Zone: the case of Yemen and Syria. Dr. Elayah has an extensive experience in programme and project identification, monitoring and evaluation, particularly in the field of women, CSOs capacity building, security and Youth, peace-building, climate change, higher education reform, regional development and social protection programmes in economies in transition.

International Relations/Affairs
Gulf Studies   
Middle East/Near East Studies   
Gender/Women's Studies   
State Formation   
Conflict Resolution   
Peace Studies   
All Middle East   
Arabian Peninsula   
Middle East studies and Yemen   
Foreign Aid and Gender   
Youth, CSOs, Peace Building, and Conflict Resoluti   
English (Fluent)   
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PhD2013Faculty of Governance and Global AffairsUniversity of Leiden, The Netherlands
MA2008Institute of Public AdministrationUniversity of Leiden, The Netherlands
BA2000Department of Political SciencesUniversity of Sana'a, Yemen
Moosa Elayah


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