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Metinsoy, Murat

Associate Professor, Political Science and International Relations
Istanbul University

Murat Metinsoy is Associate Professor at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Political Science and International Relations. He received his PhD degree from Bogazici University in 2010 with a dissertation titled "Everyday Politics of Ordinary People: Public Opinion, Dissent, and Resistance in Early Republican Turkey, 1925-1939." He studies everyday and informal politics of ordinary people, popular resistance and dissent under authoritarian regimes, labor movements, peasant politics, social impact of the wars during the 20th century, and secularism and cultural change in modern Turkey. As a minor field, he is also interested in social history of the Soviet Union and history of Turkish novel. His MA thesis, "Wars outside the War: The Social Impact of the Second World War on Turkey," which deals with the survival and resistance strategies of the peasants and working class in the face of social effects of the war and authoritarian state policies, was published in Turkish (Ikinci Dunya Savasi'nda Turkiye: Savas ve Gundelik Yasam) in 2007 and awarded with the Best Young Social Scientist Award by The Turkish Social Science Association and with the Best Book Award from the Ottoman Bank Archives and Research Center in 2007. His articles have been published in respected scholarly journals like International Journal of Middle East Studies, International Journal of Turkish Studies, International Journal of Turkish Studies, Toplum ve Bilim, Tarih ve Toplum, and Toplumsal Tarih. His book chapters have also been published in several national and international edited collections. He has carried out several research projects supported by TÜBITAK, Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA), American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) and Istanbul University Research Project Department. He currently revises his dissertation for publication and gives lectures about history and politics of modern Turkey, history of the 20th century, history of Middle East,Turkish novel, and history of civilizations.

Pop Culture   
Kurdish Studies   
State Formation   
19th-21st Centuries   
Middle East/Near East Studies   
Ottoman Studies   
Turkish Studies   
Ottoman Empire   
Turkish secularism in everyday life   
Working class and peasant politics   
Social and economic history of early Republican Tu   
English (Advanced)   
Ottoman (Intermediate)   
French (Intermediate)   
Turkish (Native)   
PhD2010Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish HistoryBogazici University
MA2004Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish HistoryBogazici University
BA2000Political Science and International RelationsIstanbul University
Murat Metinsoy

Istanbul University
Faculty of Economics
Political Science and International Relations
Beyazit / Istanbul 34452