"An Enemy That Is Strong, But Not Legendary" Israel Through the Eyes of Fath

By Matthew Kimani
Submitted to Session S5055 (Undergraduate Research Poster Session, 2017 Annual Meeting
19th-21st Centuries;
In this paper, I argue that Fat?’s theoreticians drew on the examples of Algeria and Vietnam, as the most pernicious and prominent examples of settler colonialism and the establishment of a state on a portion of a people’s national territory against their will by the colonial power, for an understanding of the Arab national predicament. Starting from the conviction that Arabs constitute a single nation divided against their will by imperial machinations, Fat?’s theoreticians conceptualized Israel not as a fully independent nation-state in its own right, similar to France, Germany, and the Netherlands, but as a massive colonial military occupation in the guise of a state bolstered by a settler colonial population that the Great Powers planted in the heart of Arab land in order to prevent Arab unity and act as a base for and servant of Western “imperial and colonial interests” in Africa and Asia. Israel, then, was not the expression of the will of some section of world Jewry, but a marionette state of Western imperialism, the illegitimate child of a colonialist conspiracy against the just and noble aspirations of the Arab nation.