Comparing Authoritarianisms and Growth Models in Turkey and Egypt: How and Why?

By Ali Riza Gungen
Submitted to Session S6698 (Global Academy Workshop - Capitalism, Islamism, and the State: Turkey’s Shifting Political Economy, 2021 Annual Meeting
Growth Model Perspective (GMP) provides a valuable way of comparing capitalisms. Recent research also elaborates on the trajectories of major emerging markets to avoid both bipolarity and Eurocentrism in comparative capitalisms literature. However, GMP needs to explain the power blocs built around growth models and the dynamism of the strategies with regards to the global political and economic developments. This paper will analyze the growth models in Turkey and Egypt in the 21st century. It will also critically evaluate the politicism of authoritarianism analyses in the global South. Finally, it will explain the persistence of authoritarian statecraft by triangulating growth models in the last two decades with the power structures and growth supporting policy interventions.