The political/diplomatic role of the Israeli Military and High-tech Industry

By Mtanes Shihadeh
Submitted to Session P4338 (Israel's Global Arms Economy: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Post-9/11 Security State, 2016 Annual Meeting
Pol Science
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The point of departure of this paper considers Israel As an ongoing settler colonial project whose outcome is still undetermined (Rouhana, 2016), and as such Israel lies in a permanent conflict. To survive, from an Israeli view point, Israel must gain power, force, and legitimacy, In particular, following Ben-Ephraim 2014, international legitimacy. According to Ben-Ephraim: “one of the major differences between settler colonial societies, which maintain stable domination over indigenous populations and those that do not, is the attainment of international legitimacy”.
Since the early nineties, the Israeli economy underwent significant changes. Since then, the economic growth in Israel continues to be primarily based on advanced industries, high technology industries, relationships with new markets as well as a significant increase in Israeli military and "Homeland Security industry" exports.
These economic branches, originating from the Israeli military industry, became not only a major growth engine of the Israeli economy, but also a significant component of Israel's national strength and -power, and play a major role in Israeli foreign policy, and a mechanism of influence in the international arena. Israel appropriates these areas to affect the positions of different countries around the world in order to support Israel in the international arena, to achieve legitimacy, and to normalize Israeli occupation. In other words, Israel uses the industrial and economic complex to achieve national goals. Military and security exports are intended to affect the "Third World" countries, while the high-tech and "Homeland Security" industry is designed to normalize Israel in the advanced Western countries. This paper will explore the economic and diplomatic-political role of these industries in the last two decades, and their role in the Israeli political economy of war.
To Illustrated this argument, this paper will clarify that: In the last two decades the relative economic importance of the weapons and military industry in Israel has decreased; The economic role of high-tech industries is steadily increasing; In the last two decades, Israel has Implements a policy of “arms/high-tech sales diplomacy” derived from the needs of the Zionist colonial settlement project; In addition to key countries in the international arena, Israel turns towards new powerful players in the current international system, the multinational and international companies; Create strategies partnerships, build joint economic interests with Western/international companies and Israeli companies, thereby making them investor, indirectly, in the State of Israel, and as such defend the State of Israel.