Party Politics in the Palestinian Territories

By Manal A. Jamal
Submitted to Session Individual Submission, 2016 Annual Meeting
Pol Science
Middle East/Near East Studies;
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This paper explores the evolution and politics of political parties in the Palestinian territories. It begins with an overview of political parties, tracing their origins and trajectories. The paper focuses on two strands of political parties: the ‘nationalist’ and more recent ‘post-nationalist’ formations, and the extent to which older parties have succeeded in their transformation to accommodate the post-Oslo political reality, and in the same vein, the extent to which the newer parties have succeeded in living up to their post-nationalist aspirations. It examines both the internal and external challenges these parties face, including limited resources, regulatory restrictions, and the often problematic internal dynamics between the various Palestinian political parties, despite an ostensible democratic context. It pays particular attention to the challenges faced by Israeli’s ongoing military occupation, and prospects for future development.