Tragedies of The Political Arrests over the wartime in Yemen

By Khaled Al-Hammadi
Submitted to Session P6404 (Forgotten War’s Tragedies in Yemen, 2021 Annual Meeting
Pol Science
Human Rights;
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The Importance of this Study

As the armed conflict-affected all aspects of life in Yemen, political arrest was one of the horrific methods used to suppress the opposing voices and opponents. Dozens of thousands of politicians, activists, journalists, bloggers, and human rights defenders were detained during the six years of war in Yemen, by various warring parties across Yemen.
Some of these political detainees spent over 6 years in detention centers with grave torture and have no essential rights, like enough food, health care, or contact with their families, which makes this issue a serious tragic issue in Yemen during the current war.
So, the importance of this paper comes from its uniqueness’s study in its field from a human rights perspective to spotlight how horrific and graveness the detention centers are that used to punish the political prisoners by brutal torture that sometimes amounted to death under torture.

Research Questions

This study questions will be how the armed conflict in Yemen affects the political arena and the freedom of expression? How the political arresting used as a tool of the war to target politicians, media men, and activists as they have no choice either to stay in Yemen facing arresting risks or flee the country seeking safety? What achieved to free the detainees and what the international community should do to save their lives and rescue them from this tragedy? How should the political arresting be addressed post-conflict to avoid continue using it as an instrument for retaliation from opponents?


The methodology that will be used for this paper is a compound of literature review, testimonials, interviews, and statistics from first hands sources on the ground in Yemen.


The issue of political arrests in Yemen during the ongoing fighting affected the political life, freedom of expression, and created a tragic situation for the majority of politicians and media men, and not got enough consideration by the international community and research centers. This paper will dig deeper into the political arrests in Yemen to bring a clear and comprehensive image of this tragic issue.