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Session R4732 (AATT Roundtable: Focus on the Learner), 2017
In this round table, I will share a general snapshot of the recent enrollment figures, which has been collected by American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages (AATT) and will also talk about learners’ motivations and perceptions for learning Turkish based on student surveys that I have been collecting since 2010.
However, the main focus of my presentation will be providing and discussing a detailed SWOT analysis to better understand the descending enrollment figures, to create possible solutions and to make strategic plans. The SWOT analysis, will help us to diagnose the strengths and weakness of the current situation and to prognosticate what the current and upcoming opportunities and treats will be trough the lenses of language learners and language professionals. I will not only pinpoint the possible reasons that effect students’ willingness of learning Turkish and their enrolment decisions, but will also aim to provide a road map for better planning from top to bottom in terms professional developments, curriculum design, language standards alignments, and multi-level networking.