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Session R5808 (AATT Roundtable: Materials, Development, & Design), 2020
Gaining Back Motivation After the Long Break

Over the years as a language instructor I aware that the first class of the Spring Semester in Elementary Turkish is the trickiest (z?p?r) one.
Students having met a new language since the fall semester and learn a big amount of grammar structure in a short time. But semester break is a quiet long time for elementary students as it makes difficult to keep their knowledge fresh.
Thus, my motivational question is for this proposal is that how the instructor can design an interactive class for the first day of the spring semester for gaining back the motivation of the students and awaken their interest and learning outcomes.
And inspiring from that I will use zip as a word for the frame of the class which we can use it in terms of many teachings and learning tools even for upcoming classes. Below by using zip, I will address a couple of ideas which can be grown.
1-zip: compress a file so that it takes less space in storage
2-zipped-zipping: to move, act or function with speed or vigour
3-zip: zoning improvement plan code (Cambridge Dictionary)
Based on the design of class number 1 and 2 related to each other so that it addresses zipping the first-semester curriculum for the students to move, act or function with speed and vigour.
And number 3 address that students to zone their knowledge, learning outcomes in multiple ways such as language skills (for example zone yourself in Turkish; reading, listening, writing and speaking), culture, the practice of life. Number 3 certainly needs much more time to practice than number 1 and 2 as it may bring potential innovative ideas by students to enrich their learning experiences.
Hence, in this proposal, I intend to present an example of a class idea based on number 1 and 2, that will be able to be used in the first class of Spring Semester.
Details to follow
The Frame of the Work
Review of Fall, Your (Student’s) Review, Goals for Spring

*ZIPIR: Z?p?r is a Turkish word which means “out of hand”, “easy to lose” or “tricky”. In the context, z?p?r is a good match for the zipper as meaning and as a homonyms word.