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Session R4434 (The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Yemen and Current Preservation Efforts), 2016
Since March 2015, violent aerial bombardments carried out by a Saudi Arabian led-coalition and the ensuing civil strife have resulted in a humanitarian crisis in Yemen that has left thousands dead, tens of thousands wounded, millions displaced and the majority of the population in desperate need of basic aid and assistance. Besides the damage to human lives and infrastructure, Yemen’s unique cultural heritage has been severely threatened, mainly by aerial bombardments, but also by in-fighting and the rise of Al-Qaida and the Islamic State. Aerial bombardments have relentlessly damaged or destroyed a great number of pre-Islamic and Islamic sites, monuments and museums housing Yemen’s treasures, despite efforts to provide no-fly lists by organizations such as UNESCO. This introductory presentation will provide information on the archaeological and historic importance of Yemen and on the current state of damage and destruction to its cultural heritage since the beginning of the conflict.