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Session R4434 (The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Yemen and Current Preservation Efforts), 2016
The destruction of cultural heritage in Yemen is sometimes seen as a secondary, relatively unimportant concern alongside the massive humanitarian crises that have emerged as a result of the same bombing campaigns and internal strife. However, despite the urgent needs of Yemenis for even the basics of food, clean water, and access to routine and emergency medical services and supplies, many Yemenis still fight to protect their cultural heritage resources and document their ongoing destruction. We must take our lead from those on the ground in Yemen leading this effort without whom we would have little understanding of the scope of and developments in the situation. I will discuss case studies of destruction of monuments, archaeological sites, and museums and the Yemeni perspectives on and responses to them, including the complete devastation of the regional Dhamar Museum, one of the first cultural sites to be targeted.