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Session C5042 (Funding Opportunities in the MENA Region: Joint degrees), 2017
The collaboration between the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University and Georgia State University- College of Business started back in 2007. It started by signing a 3 year Memorandum of Understanding based on a grant from The American Council of Education (ACE) and USAID Office of Higher Education Development (HED) to enable the US based partner to provide institutional support in developing business education in Cairo under the initiative "Business Education and Private Sector Alignment (BEPSA)". On 2008 an MoU had been signed between the two universities to allow the collaboration on the development of a "Certificate Program ". This agreement has been renewed on different occasions since then and now it is active till 2019. The programs started with 3 Bachelor Majors (Finance& Investments, Marketing and Accounting) and for newly admitted students. Starting from September 2017, it will have 7 majors (Finance& Investments, Marketing, Business Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Accounting & Finance, Auditing and Risk Management). The Graduates of the program receive a BA certificate from Cairo and a certificate of participation for the completion of the program components from both universities. The program allows the students to go study in the US for a summer semester and/ or a fall semester (if they meet American university entry requirements) and transfer the credit to Cairo. Academic staff from both universities collaborate and engage in instructing the student online and offline on a non-credit bearing instructions.