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Session R4861 (Navigating Jewish Campus and Community Debates on Israel/Palestine in the Age of Trump), 2017
Efforts to shame and intimidate students and professors who speak out on behalf of Palestinian rights have been ongoing for many years, yet seem to be increasing now in intensity and focus. This roundtable will provide space to think about the hyper-political atmosphere surrounding attempts to teach about and challenge dominant narratives of Israel/Palestine on campuses.

My contribution to this roundtable will be to look at the interactions among advocacy organizations, policy makers and elected officials, and campus-based stakeholders, including students, professors, and administrators. We will look at different strategies that organizations and individuals deploy in the service of defending the state of Israel, advocating on behalf of Palestinians, or seeking to set terms for a ‘balanced’ exchange. Questions we will explore will include the role of outside NGOs supporting, influencing, or suppressing activism on campus and how tensions between academic integrity, freedom of speech, the responsibility to maintain a nurturing learning environment, and moral and ethical commitments manifest in the challenges of teaching and speaking about Israel/Palestine on campus.