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Session R4732 (AATT Roundtable: Focus on the Learner), 2017
One of the first and most important building blocks of a language program is a needs analysis, a systematic and ongoing process of gathering information about students' needs and preferences, and then making course planning decisions in order to meet those needs. In this round table, I will share the results of a two-year needs analysis project aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the profile of Turkish language learners and their language learning needs. The data were collected through personal interviews and a survey. The interviews provided data about learner profiles— who are the Turkish language learners? Why do they study Turkish? What career paths do they choose? What are their language learning needs and expectations?—whereas the survey provided data about the needs and preferences of learners about teaching methodologies, materials, assessment, out of class activities, as well as teaching grammar and language skills. I will also share their descriptions of an ideal language classroom. Finally, I will discuss how these data can help Turkish language programs with curriculum design, material development and professional development.