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Session C5042 (Funding Opportunities in the MENA Region: Joint degrees), 2017
The Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University has a "mature" partnership collaboration with Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University. While there is a strong ongoing set of activities in the existing BBA "Georgia Program" there is an ongoing effort to build, strengthen and expand this collaboration.
In this session, we will share our experience with these types projects in the region. We have done projects that were sponsored by USAID grants in Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) and a number in Azerbaijan within the MENA region and also Central Europe (Poland and Republic of Georgia).
We will share comments about these experiences (funding from seed funding to sustainability, logistics over time, adapting content, system interface, accreditation and managing expectations) and in general comment on what we found to work, the challenges (for example, security concerns and use of virtual delivery at first as an interim solution and then developing this capability) and what we found does not work well.
We will share how the Faculty of Commerce – Cairo University project was and is different and why it remains successful and hold much promise for future success and growth. We see great potential in expanding into executive education, the use of cutting edge online technology to create hybrid courses, a 3+1 BBA dual degree option and student mobility.