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Session C5042 (Funding Opportunities in the MENA Region: Joint degrees), 2017
The Faculty of Commerce - seeks to develop its education system in both graduate and postgraduate levels through partnership agreements with different universities in United States of America, UK and France. During the last few years the Faculty of Commerce established three partnership agreements:
The first partnership is comprised of: exchange of faculty between the two
universities and development of curricula. At the end of the 4 years, the student receives a joint degree.
The second partnership is a dual certificate degree which also includes training programs for faculty and staff This model grants the student three certificates – after the 2nd and 4th year. The course is a hybrid of online and traditional classroom instruction under the supervision of professors from both sides. Also, students can travel to continue in the US after the 2nd year.
The third partnership is an online program provided and taught by Egyptian professor from Faculty of Commerce. The exams are designed and monitored by the western partner university.