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Full Session List (Total: 263)

  1. [P5057] The Birth of Modern Yemen: Internal Views of the 1960s Civil War (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  2. [P5058] Colonial Rule and Modern Identity in Morocco (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  3. [P5059] Beyond the written word: unity and diversity across transmission and transformation of medieval textual traditions in the Arabian Peninsula (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  4. [P5061] Medical Mobilities and Transformations in the Global Middle East (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  5. [R5062] Music, Radio, and Governmentality in the Middle East (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  6. [R5063] Language Learning Framework for Turkish for the 21st Century (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  7. [P5064] Towards a Critical Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  8. [P5069] The Consequences of the Failed Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  9. [P5070] Infrastructure and Connectivity in the Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  10. [P5071] Knowing Nature: Epistemologies, Scientific Exchange, and Exploration in the Ottoman Empire, 17th-20th centuries (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  11. [P5072] Managing Porosity in North Africa's Borders (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  12. [P5074] Reading Culture and the Public Sphere in the Global Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  13. [P5075] Imperial Mobilities, National Boundaries: Emerging Borderlands of the Interwar Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  14. [P5076] Constitutions in the Contemporary Middle East: (How) do they still matter? (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  15. [P5077] Gender, Migration, and Citizenship in Syrian Transhemispheric Diasporas (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  16. [P5078] Israel in the Trump Era (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  17. [P5079] The Coalescence of Resistance: Negotiations and Protests in Late Ottoman and Monarchic Iraq (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  18. [P5080] Political Psychology in the Middle East (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  19. [P5081] Missionaries and Migrants Beyond Boundaries: Transnationalism and the Coptic Question in Egypt and its Diasporas (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  20. [P5082] Neoliberalism and the Body in Egypt: Theorizing Gendered Corporeality Beyond Biopolitics (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  21. [P5083] Competing Visions of Development in the Era of Decolonization (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  22. [P5084] Relationships with Humans and Animals in the Middle East and North Africa Region (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  23. [P5085] Reclaiming "Minorities" in the Middle East (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  24. [C5086] Reading the Middle East Comparatively (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  25. [P5088] Land to Territory in the Late Ottoman Empire (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  26. [P5089] Persian Literature as World Literature: Blurring Borders and Boundaries in the Persian literary Discipline (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  27. [P5090] Cultural Production in the Global South: Connecting the Middle East and Latin America (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  28. [R5091] Food Studies and the Middle East: Past, Present, Future (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  29. [P5092] The Colonial Legacies of Institutions of Control in MENA (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  30. [P5093] Authoritarianism, Digital Dissidence and Grassroots Media in the Middle East and North Africa region (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  31. [R5094] Considering the Spatial Turn in Middle East Studies (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  32. [P5096] Arab Specters of Marx (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  33. [P5097] Politics in the Levant and the Specter of Space (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  34. [P5098] Multidialectal and Multilingual Practices for Enhancing the Development of Arabic as a Foreign/Second Language: Transcending Monolingual Models (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  35. [P5100] Turkey beyond the nation-state: Exile, Trans-nationalisation and new Diasporas (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  36. [P5101] Power and Place: Studies on Monument Building in the Middle East and North Africa, 1850-1950 (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  37. [P5102] Analyzing the Lebanese-American 'Special Relationship': Unearthing New Archival Records from the Johnson, Nixon, and Reagan Libraries (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  38. [P5103] Resisting Enclosure Movement Restrictions, the Built Environment, and Immobility in Palestine (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  39. [P5104] Overstepping Boundaries: Assessing Legal and Moral Contingency in Lebanese History (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  40. [P5105] The Indian Ocean without Boundaries: A Historical Perspective (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  41. [P5106] Sound, Time, and Space in the Middle East and North Africa (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  42. [P5107] Civil Society and Governance in the Middle East (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  43. [P5108] Minstrelsy, Drag, Camp: Costuming and Performing New Identities in Persianate Eurasia, 1800-1940 (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  44. [R5109] Medicine and Science: Geography, Periodization, Rupture, Continuity (I) (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  45. [P5110] Jurji Zaydan Beyond Arabic: Receptions, Translations, Legacies (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  46. [P5111] Writing Past Lives: Gender, Biography, and History (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  47. [R5113] Medicine and Science: Geography, Periodization, Rupture, Continuity (II) (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  48. [R5115] Border-Crossing, Border-Making: New Approaches to Middle East-Indian Ocean Connections (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  49. [P5116] Emerging Challenges in International Relations and Transnational Politics of the Gulf (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  50. [R5118] Challenges facing Yemen's Millennia-Long Cultural Heritage (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  51. [P5119] Ruler of the East and the West: Notions of Universal Rule in Early Modern Ottoman History, 1400-1800 (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  52. [C5120] Global Histories of Slavery in the Premodern Middle East and Beyond (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  53. [P5121] Ottoman North Africa: The Western Center of Empire (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  54. [P5122] Succession and Legitimate Caliphate (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  55. [P5123] Middle East Urban Soundscapes in the Long 20th Century (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  56. [P5124] Dyanamics of Turkish Foreign Policy: How Serious is Turkey's Turn Away from the West? (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  57. [P5125] Tazkirah, Biography, and Memory in the Persianate World (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  58. [P5126] Learning without Boundaries: New Developments in Undergraduate Pedagogy in Middle Eastern Studies (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  59. [P5127] Feminist Struggles in Authoritarian Times: Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine Today (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  60. [C5129] Covering Muslim Women: Working with Journalists For Accurate Representation (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  61. [P5130] The Other Domino Effect: Women's Rights and Political Participation (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  62. [P5131] Narrating Transnational Arab and Muslim Womanhood (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  63. [P5132] Fortune, Crisis, Catastrophe: Histories of Capitalism in the Global Middle East (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  64. [P5133] The vertical Middle East, from up in the air to under the ground (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  65. [P5135] Where is the Maghreb? Problematizing a Liminal Space (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  66. [P5136] Ecological Spillover: Climate and Environmental Risks from the Indian Ocean World to the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  67. [R5137] The Possibilities and Limitations of Locating the Global in the 1979 Iranian Revolution (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  68. [P5138] Visiting the Dead Family History and Genealogy in Middle East Studies (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  69. [P5139] Imaginary Matters: Visualizing Space and History in the Global Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  70. [P5140] Polarization, Participation, and Democratic Outcomes in Egypt and Tunisia (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  71. [P5141] Knowing No Bounds: The Contestation of Boundaries in Modern and Contemporary Arabic Poetry (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  72. [P5143] Politics of Mental Health and Psychiatry in the Emerging State (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  73. [P5145] Contending Visions of Belonging in the Arabian Peninsula (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  74. [R5146] A Global Middle East and the Search for a Core (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  75. [P5147] Reconsidering Tunisia: Revolutionary and Post Revolutionary Politics, Society, and Religion (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  76. [P5148] Integration and Marginalization of the Other: New Research on the Middle East Migrant Crisis (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  77. [P5149] The Online Public Sphere in the Gulf: Disagreement, Dialogue, Creativity, and Change (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  78. [P5150] Modernization, Nation-Building, and Indigeneity in Iraq and the Gulf, 1935-1991 (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  79. [P5151] Global Resource, Regional Development: Oil and Modernization in the 20th Century Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  80. [P5152] From Emergence to Decline? Solidarity Movements with Palestine around the World, 1960s-1970s (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  81. [R5153] The Spanish Civil War and the MENA (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  82. [P5154] Exegesis, Sufism, Knowledge: Modes of Interactions with the Qur'an (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  83. [P5156] Ways of Knowing: Situated and Relational Geographies of the Middle East and North Africa, Part II (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  84. [P5157] The Great Divergence in the Early Modern Middle East: Capitalism, Private Gain, and Institutional Instability (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  85. [P5159] The War that Ended? 1918-1923 (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  86. [P5160] Adaptations of Political Philosophy in and from Islam (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  87. [P5161] Palestine, Latin America and the Caribbean: Encounters, Crossings, Parallels, Part I (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  88. [R5162] Local Markers to Analytic Categories: Nation, Race, and Sect Between Governmentality and Scholarship (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  89. [P5163] Mediterraneanism: Local-Mediterranean Encounters in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  90. [P5164] Frontier Myth Making in the eastern lands of the early Islamic world (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  91. [P5165] Beyond Revolution: Emerging gendered perspectives from modern Arab history (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  92. [P5166] Challenging Borders: Politics and Genealogies of Debt (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  93. [P5167] The Teenager, The Intellectual, The Soldier; New Approaches to Palestinian Cultural and Social history (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  94. [P5168] Other Histories and Histories of the Other in Egyptian Cinema (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  95. [P5169] The (Un)Intended Consequences of Neoliberal Development in Jordan (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  96. [P5172] Unsettled Sites: Decolonial Gestures and Reimagining Geography (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  97. [P5173] The Global Political Economy of the Arab Gulf: New Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Its Past, Present, and Future (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  98. [P5175] Widows, Adulteresses and Brides: Gender, Power, and Society in the Ottoman First World War (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  99. [P5176] 19th Century Modernity in a Comparative Context: Arab Nahda and Chinese Fuxing (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  100. [P5177] The Fall From Form: Servet-i Fünun, Hybrid Forms, and Modernity (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  101. [P5178] Urban Environmental Histories of the Late Ottoman Empire (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  102. [P5179] Global Terrains of Arabic Literary Production (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  103. [P5180] Work it, Girl!: Marginal Women's Labor from Morocco to Iran (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  104. [P5181] Whither Iranian Politics? Protests, Factionalism, and Uneven Development (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  105. [P5182] Navigating the Boundaries of Identity: Race, Religion and Ethnicity in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  106. [P5183] 'Macht' and 'Herrschaft' in Persianate Chronicles from medieval and early modern India (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  107. [P5187] The Drama of the 1967 War in Personal Stories of Palestinians and Israelis Living in Jerusalem (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  108. [R5188] Decolonization: Middle Eastern themes and perspectives (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  109. [R5189] Religion, State and Disintegration in the Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  110. [P5190] Cosmopolitan and Transnational Identities of North Africa and the Middle East (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  111. [P5191] Womanhood and Female Sexuality in the Late Ottoman Empire (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  112. [C5192] Between Egypt and the Egyptian Diaspora: The Changing Contours of Coptic Studies (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  113. [P5193] Constructing and Contesting Scholarly Authority in Syria and Egypt 1200-1400 (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  114. [P5194] Doubt and Faith in Islam and Judiasm (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  115. [R5195] Is Pluralism Disappearing in the Middle East? (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  116. [P5196] The Embodied Performer Speaks: From Text to Performance Event (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  117. [P5197] Practicing Sectarianism in Lebanon (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  118. [P5198] Ways of Knowing: Situated and Relational Geographies of the Middle East and North Africa, Part I (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  119. [C5201] Mapping Islam in Middle America: Sources and Trends (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  120. [P5202] Global Encounters: Transnationalism and the New Political Economy of the Turkish Television Industry (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  121. [P5203] Arabic and the Limits of World Literature (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  122. [P5204] Included or Excluded: the Regional and Global Plight of Middle Eastern Refugees. (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  123. [P5205] Men and Masculinities: Negotiating Gender, Body Politics, and Racialized Violence (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  124. [P5211] Knowledge production in the context of colonial- racial capitalism: New trends in post/decolonial and political economy scholarship on the Maghreb and Mashriq (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  125. [P5212] Culture and Revolution in Beirut: Counter-Narratives in Politics, Literature, and Art (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  126. [P5214] Cultivating the Soul (siyânet-i nefs): Self-knowledge in the Ottoman World (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  127. [P5215] Crisis and Catastrophe: Conceptualizing Engaged Arab Film and Literature through a Syrian Lens (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  128. [R5216] Contesting Disciplinary Boundaries, Negotiating the Global: Middle East Studies and Critical Ethnic and Race Studies in Conversation (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  129. [P5217] Power Shifts: Energy Transitions in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  130. [P5218] Disease, Famine, and Guilt: Environmental Legacies of World War I (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  131. [R5220] Queer Theory and Methodology: Applications and Possibilities for Middle East Studies (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  132. [C5221] After A Decade: The Iron Cage (2007) Ten Years Later (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  133. [P5222] Fear of Oblivion: Intellectual Histories of Erasure in the Medieval and Contemporary Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  134. [P5224] Anthropology in War-torn Yemen: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Alternative Methodologies (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  135. [P5226] Transnational Anxieties over Home, Migration and Violence (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  136. [P5227] Gender and the Tech Industry - Views from the Arab Periphery (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  137. [P5229] Rebel Rule in the Middle East: Approaching local forms of justice (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  138. [P5230] Blurring Lines: Criminality and Public Order in Liberal Age Egypt (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  139. [P5231] Women and Youth in the Post-Uprising Arab World (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  140. [P5233] Democratic Resource or Institutional Trap? Processes of Decentralization in post-2011 Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  141. [P5234] Land, Space, and Sovereignty in Central North Africa (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  142. [P5235] Localizing international regimes of expertise in the MENA region (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  143. [P5236] The Politics of Art and Culture in the Gulf and Beyond (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  144. [C5237] Everyday Life of Sectarianism in the Middle East: Ambivalent articulations of "sectarian" difference and the "other" (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  145. [P5238] Socially Engaged and Participatory Art in the MENA Region (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  146. [P5239] New Directions in Modern Arabic Poetry (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  147. [P5241] Memory and Mediation in Lebanon: Commodifying and Consuming Images of the Past (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  148. [P5242] Middle Eastern mobilities in World History textbooks (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  149. [P5244] The Performance of Razm: Warfare in the Eastern Islamic World (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  150. [C5245] Global Arab America: Cosmopolitanism and its Discontents (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  151. [P5247] Alcohol and Drinking in the Ottoman Empire (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  152. [P5249] Sights, 'Scapes, and Sonic Imaginaries: Dissecting Iranian Popular Cinema Beyond the National (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  153. [P5250] Arab Cities Revisited: Interdisciplinary Itineraries (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  154. [P5251] Layla Murad: The Shifting Image of a Star (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  155. [P5252] The Production of Space, Time, and Subjectivity in Lebanese Civil War Culture (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  156. [P5253] Re-Opening the 1960s (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  157. [P5254] The Black Experience of the Middle East & North Africa: Colonialism, Healing, Literature, and Islam (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  158. [P5255] Precarious Crossings: Gender, Borders, and Embodiment (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  159. [P5256] Gender, Law and Violence in Lebanon - feminist contestations post-Arab uprisings (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  160. [R5259] Transdisciplinary Pedagogy, Local Knowledges and the Global Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  161. [P5260] Doctors and Discourse: Medical Themes in the Arab Nahda (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  162. [P5264] The Particular and the Universal: Reading and Theorizing Middle Eastern Literatures in Global Literary Contexts (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  163. [P5265] Global Sufi Literatures: Tracing Significant Geographies of Maghrebi, Turkish, and Ethiopian Sufi Texts (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  164. [R5266] Debating Sectarianism and Minorities in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  165. [P5268] 'Ne mutlu ateistim diyene.' Contemporary Discourses on Atheism in Turkey (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  166. [P5269] Building Exchanges: Modernization and Design Practice in Post-Oil Kuwait (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  167. [P5270] Trans-Saharan Projections of Power: Chinese, Russian, French, American, GCC, and Jihadist Cooperation and Competition in the Maghreb-Sahel (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  168. [P5271] Fanon and West Asia (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  169. [P5272] Peripatetic Figures, Peripatetic Texts (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  170. [P5273] Contested Concepts Across Borders: Reform, Representation and Authenticity in Muslim Transregional Debates (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  171. [P5274] Encounters of falsafa and Sufism in the Persianate world, 1200-1900 (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  172. [P5275] Understanding Citizenship and State-Society Relations in MENA (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  173. [P5276] Blurring the Boundaries between the Military and Society during the Ottoman Empire's Long World War I (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  174. [R5277] Refugees and the Resettled: the Challenges of Engaged Research within Middle Eastern American Communities (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  175. [P5278] Topics in Islamic Ritual Law (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  176. [P5279] Composing a Community of Words in the Islamic World: From Medieval to Modern (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  177. [P5283] Turkey during the Cold War: New Perspectives and Fresh Insights (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  178. [C5284] Gender, Capitalism, and the Global Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  179. [P5285] Parties, National Dialogues and Elections In Contemporary Middle East Politics (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  180. [P5286] Contemporary Authoritarianism in the Middle East (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  181. [P5287] Military and Diplomatic Strategies (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  182. [P5288] Minority Communities: Identity, Law and Politics (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  183. [P5289] Issues in Israel's Foreign Policy (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  184. [P5290] Diaspora Politics and Middle East Homeland (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  185. [P5291] Proto-Nation States - Pluralism in Contemporary Muslim Societies (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  186. [P5292] Social Challenges & Protection in Contemporary Societies (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  187. [P5293] Transgressions and Transgenders (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  188. [P5294] Protests and Discriminations (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  189. [P5296] Refugees and Migrants in the Contemporary Middle East (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  190. [P5297] Cold War (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  191. [P5299] Envisioning Military, Terrorism and Gender (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  192. [P5300] Ottoman and Turkish Intellectual Themes (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  193. [P5301] Sectarianism, Identity and the State in Lebanon (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  194. [P5302] Contemporary Arab and Persian Art (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  195. [P5303] Modernizing Hegemony and Discourse (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  196. [P5304] Arab Minorities in Iran and Israel (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  197. [P5305] Refugees and States in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  198. [P5306] Arab Diasporas in Latin America (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  199. [P5307] Unorthodoxies Shi'ism, Sufism, Feminism (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  200. [P5308] Science, Medicine, Oral Histories, and Progress in Qajar, Pahlavi and Revolutionary Iran (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  201. [P5309] Representations of the Past/Presentations of the Present (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  202. [P5310] War, Nation, Religion, and Identity in the Later Ottoman Period (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  203. [P5312] Minorities in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  204. [P5314] Traveling Texts Relational Identities (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  205. [P5315] From Damascus to Bukhara Islamic Thought Across Boundaries (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  206. [P5316] Translations and Travel Writing (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  207. [P5317] Religious Minorities, Race and Identity (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  208. [P5318] Transnational Feminism and Anti-colonialism (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  209. [P5319] Late Ottoman Modernities (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  210. [P5320] Occupied Lives: Settlements and Realities (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  211. [P5321] Education and Identity from Kuwait to Grenoble (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  212. [P5322] Mandate Histories of Iraq and Syria Between Colonialism and Revolt (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  213. [P5323] Eurasian Encounters: Reconciliations and Circulations (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  214. [P5324] Expressions of Masculinity in Iran (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  215. [P5325] Political Legitimacy in Masnawis & Advice Literature (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  216. [P5326] Music and Resistance (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  217. [P5327] Modern and Contemporary Turkish Literature (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  218. [P5329] Aesthetic Experimentation in Arab Literature (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  219. [P5330] Gender, Film & Cultural Hegemony (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  220. [P5331] Early Women's Voices (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  221. [P5333] Artistic Responses to the War in Syria (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  222. [P5334] Egyptian & Palestinian Novels (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  223. [P5335] Poetics & Poet Biographies (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  224. [P5336] Iranian Diasporas (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  225. [P5337] Kurds and Turcomen in the Current Crisis in the Levant (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  226. [P5338] Contemporary Jordanian Politics (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  227. [P5339] Contemporary Tunisian Politics (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  228. [P5340] Palestinian Identity & Diplomacy (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  229. [P5341] Teaching Arabic (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  230. [P5342] Pedagogy in Middle East Studies (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  231. [P5343] Urban Development across the Middle East (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  232. [P5344] Architecture and Infrastructure: From Malls to Dams to Public Toilets (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  233. [P5346] Space & Place in Turkey (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  234. [P5347] Comparative Politics of the Contemporary Arab World (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  235. [P5348] Cross-National Research on Contemporary Middle East Politics (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  236. [P5349] Identity and Political Mobilization in Contemporary Lebanon (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  237. [P5350] Islamist Politics of the Contemporary Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  238. [P5351] Politics & Identity in the Arab States of the Gulf (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  239. [P5352] Middle East Politics: Elites, Militaries, Non-State Actors and Political Order (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  240. [P5353] Refugees Labor Migrants Aid Workers (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  241. [P5354] Migrant and Indigenous Labor in the Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  242. [P5355] Political & Religious Development during the Safavid Period (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  243. [P5356] Missionaries during the Ottoman Period (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  244. [P5357] History through 17th Century Ottoman Eyes (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  245. [P5358] Medieval Art & Culture (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  246. [P5359] Railroads, Statecraft and Urban Life in the Late Ottoman Period (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  247. [P5360] Cultural Trends in the Abbasid Period (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  248. [P5362] Topics in Arabic Language (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  249. [P5364] Travels and Encounters (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  250. [P5366] Mongols and the World Around Them (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  251. [P5367] Medicine, Life and Death (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  252. [P5368] Late Ottoman Political Economy and Urban Reform (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  253. [P5369] Challenges and Opportunities in Armenian Ottoman Life (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  254. [P5370] The Ideology & Iconography of Salafi Jihadism (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  255. [S5371] Celebrating Scholarship: MESA Book Award Winners Discuss Their Work (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  256. [S5372] Presidential Panel-Confronting Sexual Harassment and Power Violence in the Academy (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  257. [S5373] Professional Development Workshop: Proposal Writing and Research Design: How To Fund Your Ideas (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  258. [S5374] Struggling to Assert Rights to Academic Freedom: A Report from MESA's CAF (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  259. [S5375] Presidential Panel-Challenging Times: Protecting Academia in an Era of Change (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  260. [P5376] Palestine, Latin America and the Caribbean: Encounters, Crossings, Parallels, Part II (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  261. [C5377] Middle East Feminist and Queer Studies: State of the Field (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  262. [S5380] Mosul as a Microcosm of the Issues Facing Iraq (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  263. [S5381] Undergraduate Research Poster Session (Thursday, 11/15/18 4:00pm)