2017 MESA Annual Meeting Program Search Result ( Sessions )

Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm (Total: 18)

  1. [P4733] Old Texts, New Methods: Innovative Methodologies for Medieval History (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  2. [P4766] Precarious Visibility as a Mode of Governance: The Case of Alevis in Turkey (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  3. [R4790] Competing Discourses of Masculinity in the Arab World (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  4. [P4814] Looking East: Knowledge, Travel, and Friendship Between the Middle East and Asia in the 19th Century (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  5. [P4845] Activism, Contestation and Political Participation in the Middle East and North Africa (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  6. [P4902] Reconsidering Israeli-Lebanese Relations (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  7. [P4904] From the Bedroom to the Street: Projecting Gender and Sexuality in Public Places (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  8. [P4920] Connection, Contagion, and Calamity: Social Uses and Effects of Infrastructural Networks in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  9. [P4925] Violence, Legality, and Law on the Ottoman Periphery (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  10. [P4926] Circulating Science and Scaling Innovation: Science and Technology Studies in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  11. [P4966] Political Parties, Attitudes, and Elections (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  12. [P4969] Music and Politics "min al-Mashriq ila al-Maghrib" (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  13. [P4988] Anxieties, Resistances, and the Clergy in Egyptian and Iranian Film (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  14. [P5002] Urban Imaginaries: Governing through Housing (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  15. [P5005] Criminalizing Resistance: Producing Palestinian (in)Security (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  16. [P5022] Competition and Social Practice in Early and Medieval Islamic Poetry (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  17. [P5028] Language and Identity (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  18. [C5030] Usurpation: The Untold Stories of the Iraq War 2003-Present (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)