2017 MESA Annual Meeting Program Search Result ( Sessions )

Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am (Total: 20)

  1. [P4742] The Prize?: Energy, Security, and Expertise (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  2. [R4748] Conducting Archival Research in MENA: Current Challenges, Creative Solutions (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  3. [P4761] Islam and the State in Egypt: An Institution-Centered Approach (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  4. [P4815] Gendering Migration & Transnationalizing Gender in the Middle East & North Africa (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  5. [P4859] Rethinking Pastoralists and Pastoral Nomadism in the Ottoman Empire (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  6. [P4898] Sovereignty Reformed: Ottoman Authority between the International and the Islamic in the Tanzimat Era (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  7. [P4903] Colonial Regimes and Anti-Colonial Revolts between Maghrib and Mashriq, 1920-1950 (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  8. [P4907] Contested Cultures of Revolution: Cultural Production in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  9. [P4912] Liminal Urbanity: Cities Between Ruin and Prosperity (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  10. [P4919] Contemporary Political Art of the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  11. [P4922] Local governance and social accountability reforms in the wake of the Arab Spring (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  12. [P4930] Between the National and the International: Arab Communists from the Mashreq to the Maghreb in the 1940s and 1950s (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  13. [P4946] Articulations of Struggle in Transnational Palestinian Resistance Circuits (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  14. [P4953] Politics, History and State Formation in the Modern Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  15. [P4954] From the Body to the Body-Politic: The Politics of Medical Knowledge and Practice (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  16. [P4977] The Impact of External Actors on Political Economy (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  17. [P4990] Knowledge Exchange and Production across Borders (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  18. [P5006] Histories of Infrastructure and Techno-politics (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  19. [P5021] Analyzing the Islamic State: Strategies and Counter-strategies (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  20. [C5032] Unraveling the Middle East III: The End...? (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)