2018 MESA Annual Meeting Program Search Result ( Sessions )

All Round Table Sessions (Total: 20)

  1. [R5146] A Global Middle East and the Search for a Core (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  2. [R5115] Border-Crossing, Border-Making: New Approaches to Middle East-Indian Ocean Connections (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  3. [R5118] Challenges facing Yemen's Millennia-Long Cultural Heritage (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  4. [R5094] Considering the Spatial Turn in Middle East Studies (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  5. [R5216] Contesting Disciplinary Boundaries, Negotiating the Global: Middle East Studies and Critical Ethnic and Race Studies in Conversation (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  6. [R5266] Debating Sectarianism and Minorities in the Middle East (Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm)
  7. [R5188] Decolonization: Middle Eastern themes and perspectives (Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am)
  8. [R5091] Food Studies and the Middle East: Past, Present, Future (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)
  9. [R5195] Is Pluralism Disappearing in the Middle East? (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  10. [R5063] Language Learning Framework for Turkish for the 21st Century (Friday, 11/16/18 1:30pm)
  11. [R5162] Local Markers to Analytic Categories: Nation, Race, and Sect Between Governmentality and Scholarship (Thursday, 11/15/18 5:30pm)
  12. [R5109] Medicine and Science: Geography, Periodization, Rupture, Continuity (I) (Saturday, 11/17/18 8:30am)
  13. [R5113] Medicine and Science: Geography, Periodization, Rupture, Continuity (II) (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  14. [R5062] Music, Radio, and Governmentality in the Middle East (Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm)
  15. [R5220] Queer Theory and Methodology: Applications and Possibilities for Middle East Studies (Friday, 11/16/18 4:00pm)
  16. [R5277] Refugees and the Resettled: the Challenges of Engaged Research within Middle Eastern American Communities (Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm)
  17. [R5189] Religion, State and Disintegration in the Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 8:30am)
  18. [R5137] The Possibilities and Limitations of Locating the Global in the 1979 Iranian Revolution (Saturday, 11/17/18 11:00am)
  19. [R5153] The Spanish Civil War and the MENA (Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am)
  20. [R5259] Transdisciplinary Pedagogy, Local Knowledges and the Global Middle East (Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am)