2017 MESA Annual Meeting Program Search Result ( Sessions )

All Round Table Sessions (Total: 13)

  1. [R4830] "Can You Read This One?" New Advances and Issues in Digital Recognition of Printed/Handwritten Arabic Characters (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  2. [R4732] AATT Roundtable: Focus on the Learner (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  3. [R4753] Alternative Archives: New Approaches to Egypt's Modern History (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  4. [R4899] Apology Accepted? Combatting Islamophobia without Sacrificing Critical Perspective in the Academy (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  5. [R4790] Competing Discourses of Masculinity in the Arab World (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  6. [R4748] Conducting Archival Research in MENA: Current Challenges, Creative Solutions (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  7. [R4727] Defining Early Modernity in Ottoman History (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  8. [R4785] Histories of Slavery in Medieval Islamic Societies (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  9. [R4921] Material Politics in the Middle East (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  10. [R4861] Navigating Jewish Campus and Community Debates on Israel/Palestine in the Age of Trump (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  11. [R4929] Social Media, Feminist Praxis, and State Power (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  12. [R4818] Teaching Middle East Studies in a Controversial Time: Between Activism and Accountability (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  13. [R4740] Updating the Conflict in Yemen (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)