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  1. [P4894-20220] "A Beehive of Activity" : Labor and Leisure in Hashemite Baghdad, 1921 - 1958 by Andrew Alger (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  2. [P4910-20366] "A Girl So Quiet Will Do Everything We Tell Her:" The Authority of Emotions for Zionism in 1940s Iraq by Chelsie May (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  3. [S5055-21140] "An Enemy That Is Strong, But Not Legendary" Israel Through the Eyes of Fath by Matthew Kimani (Saturday, 11/18/17 4:00pm)
  4. [P4951-20822] "Don't Let America Go to War!": The Pacifist Views of Edith Parsons by Faith J. Childress (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  5. [P5015-20770] "Good Germans" in the Armenian Genocide by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  6. [P5000-20720] "He makes them male and female": Intersexuality in Tafsir and Hadith Literature by Indira Falk Gesink (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  7. [P4992-21044] "Managing nature's hazards, furthering state control: Nature and imperial governance in Ottoman Yemen re-visited, 1872-1914" by Thomas Kuehn (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  8. [P4841-19986] "Performing Socialist Islam: Embodiment and Political-Theology of Revolutionary Action in Ali Shariati" by Babak Rahimi (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  9. [P4762-19901] "The Modern Authenticity of Islamic Traditions:" Modernity and Multiple Modernities in the Muslim World by Dietrich Jung (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  10. [P4853-20051] "The Suspension of Print is the Hand of Tyranny”: Freedom of the Press in Ottoman Iraq? by Annie Greene (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  11. [P4802-20011] "Touch Your Screen and be Healed!": Reconsidering the History of Televangelism in the Middle East by Febe Armanios (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  12. [P4750-20043] "We are all psychiatrists": Oncology and Palliative Care in Iraq by Mac Skelton (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  13. [P4833-20144] 'A Cage of Disquiet': Revolution, Modernity, and Political Awakenings in Najaf, 1905-1932 by Kevin Jones (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  14. [P4994-20166] 'A Tale of Two Narratives: Israeli and Palestinian Textbooks and the Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem by Grace Wermenbol (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  15. [P4750-19863] 'All capable of work should be thus employed': the therapeutic, social, and economic benefits of patient work in mental institutions at Cairo, Beirut, and Bethlehem, ca.1884-1948 by Chris Wilson (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  16. [P5005-19912] 50 years of Israeli Occupation and Palestinian Resistance: Whither the Movement of Palestinian Political Prisoners? by Maya Rosenfeld (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  17. [P4938-20482] A "real man", while Egypt falls apart by Maria Malmström (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  18. [P4902-20299] A Bitter Encounter: The Shi'i Community under Israeli Occupation in South Lebanon by Elena Aoun (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  19. [P4725-20832] A Compendium of Theological “Firsts:” the Significance of Early Ibadi Kalam Texts for Islamic Thought by Rodrigo Adem (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  20. [P4902-20575] A Decade after the 2006 War: What Next for Israeli-Lebanese Relations? by Daniel Sobelman (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  21. [P4974-20618] A Familial State: The Divan and the Formation of Qajar Iran by Assef Ashraf (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  22. [P4851-20028] A geo-spatiotemporal analysis of population and economic geography for the districts (sancaks) of Ankara and Bursa, 1845 – 1927 by M. Erdem Kabadayi ; Semih Celik (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  23. [P4953-20878] A Historical Sociology of Crisis in the Middle East: From Uneven Development to Civil War in Syria by Daniel Neep (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  24. [P5009-19918] A Master Poet, "in Spite of Being a Turk": Shani Takallu and Literary Culture under Shah 'Abbas by Paul E. Losensky (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  25. [P4891-20466] A Merciful State? Political Amnesties in Early Republican Turkey by Senem Aslan (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  26. [P4900-20402] A Mid-Westerner in the Middle East: Abby Weed Grey’s Art Collections of the 1960s by Sarah-Neel Smith (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  27. [P4907-20439] A Moral City or Spatial Reproduction of Islamic Patriarchy (A Critical Analysis of the Image and Spatial Relations of Iranian Cities) by Ladan Zarabadi (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  28. [P5026-20640] A Movement Co-opted: A Critical Discourse Analysis of The Iranian Green Resistance Movement of 2009 by Maral Karimi (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  29. [P4754-20308] A Neglected History: Chorbadzhis, Sovereignty and the Ottoman Provinces, 1790s- 1850s by Secil Uluisik (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  30. [P4934-20676] A New Approach to Solving Turkey’s Kurdish Issue by Lenore G. Martin (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  31. [P4988-21019] A Nightmare on Valiasr Street: Persian-Language Diasporic Horror Films and the Cultural Capital of "Iranian" Cinema by Kelly Houck (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  32. [P4828-20046] A Revolutionary Woman Exegete: Bint al-Sh??i?’s Literary Approach to Quranic Exegesis by Mohammad Salama (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  33. [P4867-20471] A Structure-Identity Nexus: Domestic and Regional Drivers of Syria and Turkey's Relations before and after 2011 by Marwa Daoudy (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  34. [P4989-20356] A Study of the Cultural Production of Modernity in Saudi Arabia through the General Authority for Entertainment and Neoliberal Capitalist Politics by Anas Alahmed (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  35. [P4944-20590] A Style by Any Other Name? Arguments about Lyric Style and Geographical Belonging in Four Early Modern Persian Tazkeres by Jane Mikkelson (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  36. [P4975-19756] A symbol of inequality? Arab Perceptions of the Veil by Lars Berger (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  37. [P4858-20097] A tale of secrecy and business: The attempted sale of the Western Wall during WW1. by Roberto Mazza (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  38. [P4969-21110] A Tale of Two Protectorates: Cultural Hegemony in Colonial Morocco and Its Impact on Indigenous Musics by Hicham Chami (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  39. [P4903-20346] A Tale of Two Rebellions: The Rif and Syrian Revolts in 1925 by Reem Bailony (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  40. [P4944-20589] A Tale of Two tazkirahs: Reading Nasrabadi and Sarkhvush as Literary History by Shaahin Pishbin (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  41. [P4814-20627] A Transregional Persianate Library: Tazkirah Production and Circulation in the 19th Century by Kevin Schwartz (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  42. [P4742-20032] A Useful Enemy? Libya, the United States, and the Making of Insecurity by Jacob A. Mundy (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  43. [P4819-20215] Activism against Gender-Based Violence in Times of Conflict: Kurdish Women’s Movement in Turkey by Elif Ege (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  44. [P4739-19780] Activism amidst Disappointment: Women's Groups and the Politics of Hope in Egypt by Nermin Allam (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  45. [P4881-20186] Adapting Indonesian Islam to the Gulf: An Ethnographic Study of Indonesian Imams in Qatar by Ady Candra (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  46. [P4933-20795] Aesthetics of Crisis in the Arab World – Epistemologies of Connectivity in Documentary Modes of the Real by Rania Gaafar (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  47. [P5028-20195] Africa in Morocco, Morocco in Africa: Making space for foreign voices in the Darijaphone public sphere by Kristin Hickman (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  48. [P4915-20475] Afrocentrism, Orientalism and Other Pitfalls of Studying the Swahili: New Thoughts on an Old Problem by Nathaniel Mathews (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  49. [P5016-21009] Against Forgiveness: Manich Musamah and the Struggle for Tunisian Transitional Justice by Alyssa Miller (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  50. [P4839-20178] Al-Andalus in Brazil by Wail S. Hassan (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  51. [P4931-20637] Al-Azhar and Educational Reform in the Thought of Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abduh by Ibrahim Gemeah (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  52. [P4794-19931] Al-Ittijah al-Mu`akis: Al-Ma`arri's Luzumiyyat and the Poetics of Constriction by 1 Stetkevych (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  53. [P4982-20559] al-Madaniyyat: An alternative civil perception for the Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel? by Itamar Radai (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  54. [P4761-19938] Al-Majalis Al-‘Ilmiyya: Revival and Critique in Egypt’s al-Azhar by Mary Elston (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  55. [P4847-20246] Al-Malik al-Zahir Barquq as Millennial Sovereign? by Noah Gardiner (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  56. [P4775-19845] Al-Ma`arri's Menagerie in the Maghreb by Kevin Blankinship (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  57. [P4991-20021] Al-Quds/Jerusalem between the East and the West: Images of the Holy City in Arabic and English Poetry by Nasser Athamneh (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  58. [P4878-20381] Alchemy and Economy by Nicholas Harris (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  59. [P4795-19940] Ambiguity, Spontaneity, and Creative Agency in the 2010/11 Tunisian Revolution by Jann Boeddeling (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  60. [P4783-20160] American Relief and Émigré Politics in the Syrian Mahjar by Stacy Fahrenthold (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  61. [P4949-20865] An Afghan student in Nazi Germany: The life of Ahmad Fofolzai, 1933-1960 by Marjan Wardaki (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  62. [P4989-20479] An Analysis of Study Abroad: Understanding the State-Society relationship in Saudi Arabia. by Faris Almutairi (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  63. [P4865-20108] An Analysis of the Pragmatic Functions of Idiomatic Expressions in the Egyptian Novel ‘Taxi’ by Hala Elshamy (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  64. [P4986-20833] An Archaeological Approach to the Political Economy of Ayyubid Southern Jordan by Ian Jones (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  65. [P5004-20857] An Artist Curating Islamic Heritage: Ali Jabri and the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions by Elizabeth Rauh (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  66. [P4844-20393] An Inventory of Traces: Post-colonial Criticism and Self-Fashioning by Fadi Bardawil (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  67. [P4726-19781] An Islamist Genealogy of Knowledge and Comparative Political Theory in Turkey by Dunya Deniz Cakir (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  68. [P4729-20194] An Unlikely Duo in Algiers: the Mosque al-Djadid and the Statue of Duc d’Orléans by Zeynep Celik (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  69. [P4862-20993] Animal Reason; Human Compulsion by Jeannie Miller (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  70. [P4968-20086] Arabic adult comics and the politics of youthfulness by Jacob Hoigilt (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  71. [P4840-20015] Arabic beyond the Classroom in Uncertain Times: CASA without Borders and the Egyptian Nonprofit Sector by Chloe Bordewich (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  72. [P4780-21076] Arabic Philosophy, Competing Universalisms, and the Egyptian Nahda by Angela Giordani (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  73. [P4734-19770] Assessing Liability for War Crimes in Yemen by Asli Bali (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  74. [P5003-20341] Assessment of ASL Students through Technology for Enhanced Learning by Hala Yehia Abd El-Wahab (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  75. [P5025-20972] Assyrians in Iraq: Competing Visions of Identity by Patrick Harned (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  76. [P4925-20544] At Odds with European Conventions: Russian Laws of Maritime Warfare in the 1768-1774 Russian-Ottoman War by Julia Leikin (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  77. [P4978-20768] At the Confluence: Transnational Water Management and Local Participation in Turkey's Kura River Basin by Jeanene Mitchell (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  78. [P4840-20001] Atlases and Candy Shops: A Semester Spent Teaching Geography in Establ Antar by Nik Nevin (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  79. [P4853-20049] Authoritarianism versus liberty of speech? The theory and practices of press censorship in Bilad al-Sham (1875–1914) by Till Grallert (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  80. [P4939-20491] Auto-Empathy: Cultures of Pragmatism and Collective Action in Revolutionary Iran by Arash Davari (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  81. [P4980-19820] Benevolent Kuwait: Examining Kuwait’s Foreign Aid Mechanisms through the Case Study of its Syrian Crisis Response by Irene Gibson (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  82. [P4724-21121] Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Trade Unions, Class, and the State in Algeria and Tunisia by Lorenzo Feltrin (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  83. [P4930-20773] Between French Assimilationism and Nationalist Communism: the impact of WWII on Tunisian Jews’ ideological orientations, 1939-1945 by Kamilia Rahmouni (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  84. [P4967-20800] Between Liberalism and Islamism: The Muslim Brothers and the United Nations by Joshua Donovan (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  85. [P5014-19799] Between Mind and Reality: Mulla Sadra on the Problem of Natural Universals by Muhammad Faruque (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  86. [P4754-20203] Between nation and empire: Iranian bakers, publishers and nomads in early twentieth century Bombay by Tania Bhattacharyya (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  87. [P4912-20348] Between nostalgia and futures-otherwise: Performances of memory in Lebanon’s railway ruins by China Sajadian (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  88. [P4802-20228] Between Reality and Fiction: Interpreting Visual Culture in Early Turkish Republican Print Media by Yasemin Gencer (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  89. [P4784-19922] Between the Founder of Cairo and the Caliph of Cairo: An appraisal of the reign of the Fatimid Imam-caliph al-?Az?z bi?ll?h by Shainool Jiwa (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  90. [P5013-20449] Between The Magical and the Mundane: Holy Fools, the Homeless and Street-Dwellers in Contemporary Egypt by Omar Omar (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  91. [P4975-20657] Between the World and the State: Women’s bodies as a battle ground in Morocco by Jesilyn Faust (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  92. [P4842-20483] Beyond Binaries: The Maghreb after Post-Colonialism by Brian T. Edwards (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  93. [P4805-20866] Beyond marja’iyyat? Training Women as Religious Authorities by Mirjam Kuenkler (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  94. [P4795-20103] Beyond Structure and Contingency: Towards an Interactionist and Sequential Approach to the 2011 Uprisings by Mounia Bennani-Chraibi (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  95. [P4986-21071] Bifurcated Partnerships: Debt and the Rise of Families and Corporations in Egypt by Ibrahim Elhoudaiby (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  96. [P5010-20538] Bishops, not Pawns: The Roots and Reflexivity of Coptic Interfaith Programs in Provincial Egypt by Isaac Friesen (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  97. [P4831-20335] Black News of an Absent Bantoukhd Son: Garabed Nichanian’s 'The Reading of the Letter' by Vazken Khatchig Davidian (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  98. [P4987-20552] Bodybuilding and building the body politic in Iraqi Kurdistan by Diana Hatchett (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  99. [P4874-20648] Bone Memory: Armenian Pilgrimage Rituals in the Killing Fields of Dayr al-Zur, Syria by Elyse Semerdjian (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  100. [P4927-20608] Border Performativity and the Limits of Sovereignty in 19th century Algeria by Brock Cutler (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  101. [P4814-20628] Bridging Difference: Kinship, Friendship and the Creation of Social Bonds by Mana Kia (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  102. [P4812-20854] Building and Breaking Ties: Political Tourism in Israel/Palestine by Emily Schneider (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  103. [P4938-20935] Building Blocks of the Nation(s): Male Bodies in Early-Twentieth-Century Istanbul by Murat C. Yildiz (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  104. [P4829-20307] Building the Petrochemical Paradise: Oil, Water and Soil in the US-Iranian Project in Khuzestan by Gregory Brew (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  105. [P4915-20373] Buying and Selling Blackface: Theatrical Anti-Blackness in Pahlavi Era Iran, 1930-1965 by Beeta Baghoolizadeh (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  106. [P4964-21090] Call-and-response battles in Syria and Iraq: The Literary construction of Islamic collective memory by D Gershon Lewental (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  107. [P4783-20177] Can Refugees Speak? Humanitarian Crisis at the Ottoman-Russian Border (1914-1917) by Asya Darbinyan (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  108. [P4919-20484] Capitalism and Conservatism: the Transformation of Ramallah in Inass Yassin’s Cinema Waleed Project by Sascha Crasnow (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  109. [P4724-20917] Capitalism, Crisis and Labor Unrest in the Post-Arab Spring Middle East: A Comparative-Historical Perspective by Sahan Savas Karatasli (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  110. [P4823-20036] Captives of the Mellah?: Moroccan Rural Jewry in the Colonial Postcard by Aomar Boum (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  111. [P4761-19884] Censoring the Kishkophone: Religion and State Power in Mubarak’s Egypt by Aaron Rock-Singer (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  112. [P5006-20947] Cesspools, Mosquitos and Fever: An Environmental History of Malaria Prevention in Ismailia and Port Sa‘id, 1869-1910 by Mohamed Gamal-Eldin (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  113. [P4850-20339] Challenges to public opinion research in the Arab world: A comparative analysis by Mohammad Almasri (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  114. [P5027-20523] Challenging religious neoliberal governmentality under the AKP by Yusuf Sarfati (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  115. [P4882-20290] Challenging unintended reifications of women’s agency in the Middle East: the case of Egypt by Mariz Tadros (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  116. [P4824-19964] Charity as Politics ‘Writ Small’ in GCC States by Miriam R. Lowi (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  117. [P4892-20212] Children, Youth, and Media in Middle Eastern, North African, and Gulf Conflict Zones by Yael Warshel (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  118. [P4920-20985] Cholera in the Time of Modernization: The Spread of the 1893 Cholera Epidemic Along the Ottoman Anatolian Railroad by Alex Schweig (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  119. [P4919-20375] Chouftouhonna: A Tunisian Feminist Art Festival Making Space for the Queer Imaginary by Anne Marie Butler (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  120. [P4992-21089] Citizens at Risk: Uncertainty, Preparedness and Istanbul Earthquake by Ebru Kayaalp (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  121. [P4922-20642] Civic Participation, Engagement And Organized Action: A Case Study Of A Tunisian Activist by Joni Schwartz ; Habiba Boumlik (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  122. [P4998-21048] Civil War and the Disembodied Self: Hoda Barakat's Ahl Al-Hawa by Ghada Mourad (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  123. [P4869-20102] Clients or Challengers?: Tribal Constituents in Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE by Courtney Freer (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  124. [P4903-20545] Climate and the Political Economy of the French Protectorate of Morocco during “Pacification,” 1927-1934 by Guillaume Wadia (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  125. [S5055-21134] Closed for Business: Movement and Economies in Hebron by Padraigin O'Flynn (Saturday, 11/18/17 4:00pm)
  126. [P4995-20957] Coherence and Equivalence: Geographic Imaginaries of Global/Middle East/South Asia by Tessa Farmer (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  127. [P5003-20831] Collaborative platforms for creating and managing Arabic Curriculums by Adil Elkhiyari (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  128. [P4953-20785] Colonial Legacies, Landed Elites and Regime Survival in the Middle East by Allison Hartnett (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  129. [P4856-20829] Colonial mobilities & contemporary connections. Mobilizing histories of Sicilian southward Mediterranean migration in contemporary Sicily. by Ilaria Giglioli (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  130. [P4938-20570] Comics as Theory: Bodily Vulnerability and Resilience in Lissa: an ethnoGRAPHIC novel by Sherine Hamdy (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  131. [P4870-20100] Commander of the Faithless: Challenging the myth of monarchical religious legitimacy in Morocco by Yasmina Abouzzohour ; Ilyas Saliba (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  132. [P4850-20059] Competing conceptions of public opinion in Qatar by Russell Lucas (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  133. [P4979-20039] Competitive Party Politics, Landless Peasant Women, and Their Political Activism in Two Villages: Rethinking Rural Class Structure in Turkey After World War II by BENGU KURTEGE SEFER (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  134. [P5025-20916] Complexities of the Iran-Iraq war and its long-term implications by Satgin Hamrah (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  135. [P4984-20958] Comrades, not Enemies? The Histadrut and its Palestinian-Arab Members, 1948-1967 by Arnon Degani (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  136. [P4950-20743] Conceptual change through transformation of linguistic norms: Tyranny in the Arab Muslim context by Mohammed El-Sayed Bushra (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  137. [P5009-20739] Confessional Politics and Vernacular Turkish in Safavid Iran: A Qizilbash Catechism by Ferenc P. Csirkes (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  138. [P4927-20532] Conflicting Claims: Property Rights in Algeria by Robert P. Parks (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  139. [P4939-21068] Conjuring old dreams to imagine new futures; oral histories of Iraqi refugees and exiles by Yousef Baker (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  140. [P4942-20781] Connectives in Arabic Native Speaker and Non-native Speaker Expository and Argumentative Writing by Nesrine Basheer (Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm)
  141. [P4950-20717] Constructing Gender Egalitarianism in Islamic Feminist Discourses: The Works of Mernissi and Lamrabet by M. Amine Tais (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
  142. [P4812-20586] Constructing the "Arab Tourist": Leisure and Mobility through/in/of Lebanon, 1920-1970s by Nadya J. Sbaiti (Sunday, 11/19/17 10:30am)
  143. [P4985-20625] Contemporary art production and the ambivalence of nation-building in the United Arab Emirates by Melanie Janet Sindelar (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  144. [P5012-21033] Contemporary Egyptian historical fiction: What's at stake? by Radwa El Barouni (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  145. [P4871-20369] Contending visions of a ‘properly’ Islamic land law in the Ottoman Empire by Malissa Taylor (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  146. [P4813-20151] Contentious Processes Not Protest Outcomes: Sit-Ins, Marches, and Demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa by Dina Bishara (Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm)
  147. [P4940-20763] Contested Infrastructures: Batman Refinery, Oil Pipelines, and Kurdish Economies of Oil Theft in Batman, Turkey by Firat Bozcali (Tuesday, 11/21/17 8:00am)
  148. [P4739-19789] Contested Power and Authoritarian Restructuring: Egypt Between January 2011 and June 2013 by Shimaa Hatab (Tuesday, 11/21/17 1:00pm)
  149. [P4955-20982] Contesting Elite & State Feminism: A New Generation of Tunisian Feminists by Maro Youssef (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  150. [P5010-20226] Contesting Religious Legitimacy in the Iran-Iraq War by Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar (Tuesday, 11/21/17 10:30am)
  151. [P4974-19908] Contesting the Persian Gulf: Iran’s Naval Vision Past and Present by Chelsi Mueller (Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm)
  152. [P4820-20541] Context-Free and Context-Dependent Elements of “the Political” Islam: An Analysis of Said Halim Pasha, Mawdudi, Shariati, and Ozel by Edip Asaf Bekaroglu (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  153. [P4982-20695] Contrebandes d’Oignons: Cross-Border Smuggling and the Limits of the Lebanese Mandate by Pascal Abidor (Monday, 11/20/17 1:00pm)
  154. [P4751-19811] Coptic Youth: From Street Politics to Church Politics by Mina Ibrahim (Sunday, 11/19/17 8:00am)
  155. [P4925-20752] Corsairs or Rebels? North Africa, Istanbul, and the Legality of Maritime Violence in the Seventeenth-Century Mediterranean by Joshua White (Saturday, 11/18/17 5:30pm)
  156. [P5021-19929] Countering Daesh Extremism, Perspectives from Belgium by Didier Leroy (Monday, 11/20/17 8:00am)
  157. [P4893-20630] Counting Arab Americans in light of the Threat Narrative and White Privilege by Louise A. Cainkar (Monday, 11/20/17 10:30am)
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