[C4705] International Law, Sovereignty and Subjecthood in the Late Ottoman Empire

Created by Aimee Genell
Sunday, 11/20/16 8:00am


This thematic conversation began last year at Denver. Discussants reflected upon themes related to internationalism, sovereignty, extraterritoriality, international law and imperial subjecthood in the late Ottoman Empire. They considered how the Ottoman state negotiated its position vis-a-vis Europe, but also how the empire itself participated in "new imperialism" at imperial frontiers. They asked what do we gain and what do we lose by placing the Ottoman Empire in an international and comparative frameworks What are the stakes both for Ottomanists and for understanding Europe, colonialism, and international law? The participants considered how to explain the apparent pressing need to bring the state and interstate relations back into our analysis of the Ottoman Empire?
Since that time, members of the thematic discussion proposed and organized a special edition of the Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association. Lale Can and Christopher Michael Low will provide an introduction, with articles by Will Smiley, Will Hanely, David Gutman, Faiz Ahmed and Aimee Genell. Cemil Ayd?n and Umut Özsu will provide a response. The articles cover a range of subjects including the meaning of Ottoman subjecthood for captives in the Russian Empire, the 1907 revision of the 1869 Ottoman Nationality Law, passports and social control in the late Ottoman Empire, Anglo-Ottoman Jurisdictional Quarrels over Afghans and Indians and a biography of international lawyers at the Ottoman Foreign Ministry. This year's conversation will assess the arguments and archival results of the JOTSA articles and will consider the broader implications of this new work. How does this new research help us rethink conventional Tanzimat, post-Tanzimat periodization and understand the late Ottoman Empire in new ways?






Will Hanley

(Florida State University)
I am Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Florida State University. I studied at the Universities of Saskatchewan, Toronto, and Oxford before taking my doctorate in history at Princeton (2007). I am completing work on a book about the emergence...
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William Smiley

(Reed College)
Panel Participating Role(s): Discussant;

Michael Christopher Low

(Iowa State University)
Panel Participating Role(s): Chair; Organizer;

Aimee Genell

(University of California, Berkeley)
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Faiz Ahmed

(Brown University)
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