[P6560] Analyzing Histories of Struggle: Palestine, the Past, Present and Future

Created by Chandni Desai
Thursday, 12/02/21 2:00 pm


Over the past several years there has been renewed interest in documenting and archiving histories of struggle across various liberation and racial justice movements, including the Palestinian struggle. There have also been calls across anti-colonial, anti-racist, labour, and feminist movements for sustained international solidarity. Palestinian and Palestine solidarity movements in their various forms, from different geographies are reviving historic ties with several struggles, and scholar-activists are also documenting and producing radical knowledge about these relationships and histories (Davis 2016, Erakat 2020, Naber 2017, Kelley 2019, Salaita 2016). This panel explores the question of struggle and Palestine in the past and present, and spans across historical periods and movements, including analysis of labour movements, Third World (Afro-Asian) cultural movements, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), and feminist initiatives. Each paper examines different forms of activism and politics (political, economic, social and cultural), paying attention to the dialectical unity of theory and practice of various movements within specific historical junctures. Based on archival research, multiple ethnographies, and oral history interviews, this panel will empirically illustrate how different generations of activists and cultural producers from the Palestinian Revolution, trade union movement, feminist organizations, and BDS engage(d) in politics, and the implications this has for archiving and memorializing histories of struggle. The papers challenge historical overtures to realpolitik within anti-colonial third world movements, the erasure of class and labour struggles from contemporary anti-colonial politics, and underscore intergenerational differences and refuse silencing of Palestinian modalities of resistance. The four papers also analyze the potentialities, limits, and contradictions off documenting, archiving, producing knowledge, organizing and solidarity within the aforementioned sites of analysis. They discuss the contradictions, challenges, and material conditions that have shifted the praxis of liberation politics, organizing, solidarity, and radical political imaginaries. The papers raise important theoretical, methodological and political questions regarding histories of struggle and on the politics of sustained solidarity. The knowledge stemming from this panel theoretically contributes to the study of labor struggles, anticolonial cultural movements, feminist initiatives and solidarity movements. The papers on this panel contribute to Palestine Studies in particular, and Middle Easter Studies, Social Movement Studies, Cultural Studies, Women and Gender Studies, and History.


Hist; Pol Science; Socio; Hist; Pol Science; Socio



Wafaa Hasan

(McMaster University)
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;

Chandni Desai

(University of Toronto)
Panel Participating Role(s): Organizer; Presenter;

G.N. Nithya

(York University)
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;

Rana Sukarieh

(York University/ American University of Beirut)
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