[P6539] Trade, Diplomacy, and Travel in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire

Created by Michael Polczynski
Monday, 11/29/21 2:00 pm


This panel explores four early modern autobiographical episodes of travel within and across the European borderlands of the Ottoman world. The studies focus on the texts left by German/Polish merchant Martin Gruneweg, three unnamed Polish-Lithuanian “Lipka” Tatar pilgrims, English scholar Thomas Smith, and Austrian ambassador Damian Hugo von Virmont and his Ottoman ambassadorial counterpart Dayezade İbrahim Paşa. While it can be said that these travelers made their ways to, from, and through the Sublime Porte on fairly straightforward missions of trade, pilgrimage, study, and diplomacy, this panel seeks to explore the many overlapping reasons that our subjects took to the roads, trails, and waves that bounded the Ottoman state.
The papers propose new modes of convivencia between political rivals and religious minorities within the Ottoman Empire and further afield, explore outsider perspectives allowing non-Ottoman societies to imagine their connection to the bones of the classical world as well as the living and growing body of the Ottoman state, locate the Sublime Porte at the center of a European Muslim community’s complex history and systems of loyalty, and place at the center of discussion the concept of travel as a personal experience informing the traveler’s personal identity and Weltanschauung.





Suraiya Faroqhi

(Ibn Haldun University)
After retirement from Munich University (2007) I have worked at Istanbul Bilgi University (2007-2017). Now an emerita, I have begun to work for Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul (2017-present). My most recent book is A Cultural History of the Ottomans:...
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M. Fatih Calisir

(Kirklareli University)
Trained in Ottoman and environmental history, M. Fatih Çalisir completed his Ph.D. at Georgetown University in 2016. Before his doctoral studies, he studied history at Bilkent University in Ankara and Central European University in Budapest. He also...
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;

Yasir Yilmaz

(Austrian Academy of Sciences)
I am an historian of early modern Ottoman Empire and Habsburg Monarchy. My broad research interests lie at the intersection of political, diplomatic, and administrative history in early modern Europe and the Ottoman Empire. I am especially interested...
Panel Participating Role(s): Presenter;

Michael Polczynski

(Georgetown University)
I specialize in early modern Ottoman and East/Central European history. My dissertation was entitled “Wild Fields: Power and Space in the early modern Polish-Lithuanian/Ottoman frontier”. I am now working on the history of early modern Muslim communities...
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