[P6367] Knowledge in Action: Social Practices and Sciences in the Middle East

Created by Gul Kale
Thursday, 12/02/21 2:00 pm


Postcolonial and decolonial theories raised new critical questions about Eurocentric discourses on the role of sciences in social transformations. Yet, the relation between social practices and sciences in Middle Eastern societies have not been studied in detail from an interdisciplinary perspective. This panel will look at various forms of knowledge and sciences within the context of social practices and discourses. It will also examine the history of science and technology in relation to their changing sociocultural roles and meanings. Papers will investigate various forms of knowledge and sciences as active agents in the formation of social practices and in the production of material culture, rather than assessing them merely as theoretical pursuits. Subjects may range from medicine to geography, and from engineering to mathematics, which all had real-life applications and impacts in various historical and environmental contexts from the early modern to the modern period. Papers that explore the utilization of sciences for control through imperialist and nationalist policies as well as studies investigating the role of indigenous local scientific practices are welcome.


Arch; Art/Art Hist; Hist; Socio; Arch; Art/Art Hist; Hist; Socio; Geog; Hist; Socio




Gul Kale

(Carleton University)
Gül Kale is trained as an architect and architectural historian. Before joining Carleton University as an Assistant Professor of Architectural History and Theory, she was awarded a Getty/ ACLS postdoctoral fellowship in Art History in 2018-2019. Her...
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Ingrid Hehmeyer

(Ryerson University)
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Adrien Zakar

(University of Toronto)
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Emily Neumeier

(Temple University)
I am Assistant Professor of Art History at Temple University, focusing on the art and architecture of the Islamic world.
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