[R5961] Morocco and Spain during the Spanish Civil War

Created by Eric Calderwood
Friday, 10/16/20 11:00 am


While much ink has been spilled regarding the Spanish Civil War, until recently there was relatively little scholarship in English about the conflict's colonial connections to Morocco. Morocco was critical to the success of the military rebellion against the Spanish Republic. Many of the rebel leaders, including General Francisco Franco, began their military careers in colonial Morocco, cutting their teeth in the Rif War of the 1920s. The Spanish Civil War itself began in colonial Morocco and then spread to the Iberian Peninsula. Furthermore, roughly 80,000 Moroccans fought in the rebel army led by Franco.

This roundtable brings together scholars whose work engages with diverse aspects of the Moroccan front of the Spanish Civil War, and how events in both Spain and Spanish Morocco contributed to tensions in French Morocco. Including legacies of al-Andalus, Moroccan Jewish political responses, anti-Communist rhetoric, and questions of Islam and National Catholicism in a Mediterranean context rapidly embracing fascism, the panel opens an important and timely conversation regarding the entangled histories of the Spanish Civil War in Morocco.


Anthro; Hist; Lit