What is PERMES?

PERMES exists to bring together Programs, Experts, and Resources in Middle East Studies and to link them in meaningful ways. Through PERMES students, scholars, and lay persons can better understand their options for study, research, outreach, and collaboration. The database is accessible via the MESA website and MESA oversees the database, but the database includes persons and institutions who are not MESA members to more fully represent the full range of possibilities to students and to allow experts to discover cohorts beyond the MESA member directory.




How to Use the Search Function?

Each search page begins will a list of all entries (below the search criteria lines) and the entries decrease in number as you select search limiters/criteria from the options. Search results will thus vary according to the number of limiters you enter into your search. If you limit to a geographical region, to a specific language, and to institutions that offer foreign study as an option, you will receive a shorter list of possible schools and programs than if you had limited to a specific language only. The same occurs on the Experts and Resources search pages. That said, it is generally advisable to begin a search a bit broader than necessary and to add additional limiters to the search if a resulting list is too exhaustive. Explore the results of your search as much as you wish either within the database inside each program's entry or externally by following the URL links for an institution or program.