• What is program account?
    A program account acts as a single program's portal to the data set that populates its entry in the PERMES database. Different programs or departments at the same institution should maintain different program accounts though they may wish to highlight similar "special features" on campus or share the same faculty pool from which to select.
  • What is manager account?
    A "Program Manager" or "User" is a person associated with this program's entry and the data it contains. This is typically an administrative assistant familiar with the faculty, structure, requirements, and special aspects of an academic program. A program manager can, however, be anyone to whom a program delegates responsibility for keeping their entry up to date. There may be more than one manager. The first manager completes this account request and can then add additional managers under the "User Management" link in the left hand column. Each manager will need to possess a unique email address and know the Pass Code. Two managers cannot both use a generic departmental email address (e.g. polsci@college.edu).
  • Benefits of Inclusion
    Programs that complete and maintain an entry about their courses, faculty, and language offerings create an easy way for students to find their program, explore its Middle East specific strengths, and compare it to other programs. Programs can highlight any number of unique and powerful facets that should make students consider attending them. Scholars in the program might be selected as mentors or found by fellow scholars for research purposes. In any case, inclusion in PERMES affords a college or university increased exposure for programs that often get little attention on or off campus.