Contemporary Amman and the Right to the City

Call for Papers: International Conference

Contemporary Amman and the Right to the City
November 3-4 2018 | Amman, Jordan

Organized by Ifpo Amman, Columbia GSAPP’s Studio-X Amman, and Columbia Global Centers | Amman

Please submit your abstracts (up to 350 words) by June 30th to

Abstracts must tackle one of the following conference themes:

Urban Policies and Governance
Social Fabric and Urban Practices
Living in Amman: Housing, Access, and Speculative Growth

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Conference brief:

A city of four million inhabitants today, Amman’s expansion has become disproportionate to its urban history. Amman has experienced an impressive urban growth over the past fifty years, driven by forced migration and market laws. Developing from a small rural settlement at the end of the 19th century, Amman evolved into a regional crossroad at the end of the 20th century, and has become today a symbol for the consolidation of Hashemite rule, and as a result, the site of its contestation. Amman’s exceptional position among other regional capitals and its recent urban history has forced its inhabitants to create narratives concerning the city’s foundation, invent urban traditions, and negotiate ways of socialization.

As housing and upgrading policies have slowed down, and plans to develop a robust public transport system remain underdeveloped, Amman’s residents are struggling on a daily basis to circulate, house themselves and their families, study, work and relax. Public participation is regularly discussed in the media and public sphere, and residents are looking for ways to mend the gap between their aspirations for Amman, and the reality of living conditions in the city. In the 21st century, Amman has become an intellectual, diplomatic and economic center in the region. Those changes have had a large impact on the everyday life of its inhabitants, on the composition of the population of the city and on its regional and international perception and influence.

This conference seeks to present three interrelated themes through which the right to the city can be understood, articulated or negotiated. These themes include Urban Policies and Governance; Social Fabric and Urban Practices; and Living in Amman: Housing, Access, and Speculative Growth.

Organizing Committee: Myriam Ababsa (Ifpo), Nora Akawi (Columbia University GSAPP / Studio-X Amman / Columbia Global Centers | Amman), Jawad Dukhgan (Studio-X Amman / Columbia Global Centers | Amman), Nadine Fattaleh (Studio-X Amman / Columbia Global Centers | Amman), Falestin Naïli (Ifpo), Norig Neveu (CNRS / IREMAM)


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