Call for Papers for special issue on Islamic Foundations of Social Policy and Welfare

The 'International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy' has devoted one special issue to the 'Islamic Foundations of Social Policy and Welfare' to be published in March 2019 ( While it was initially aimed at publishing selected papers from The First International Conference on 'Social Policy in the Islamic World' which was held on 12-13 May 2018 in Tehran, Iran (, it is now decided to issue an open call for paper and accept other papers as well in order to provide the opportunity for more researchers to get involved. Therefore, all authors interested in the topic are welcome to submit their full papers until 30th November 2018 to be considered for publication. All submitted papers will go through a blind peer review process.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

- Values and principles of social policy and welfare in Islam (Brotherhood, Takaful or public responsibility, social rights, need, Tawazun and equality, avoidance of Tadawul and redistribution, etc.)

- Strategies and solutions for providing social welfare based on Islamic teachings (Zakat, Khums, Waqf, Sadaghah, Khayriah, Qard-al-Hasanah, Anfal, Nazr, etc.)

- Variations of social welfare practices in different Muslim societies

- Comparative perspectives between Islam and other religious approaches to social welfare.

Please do not forget to select 'Islamic Foundations of Social Policy and Welfare' in 'the issue you are submitting to' tab under 'Step 5: Details & Comments' of submission process.

To submit your research, please visit: https:/ / ijssp


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