Conference on Borders and Emigration

The Jomier-CISA (Christianity, Islam and Arab Society) research chair of the Catholic University of Toulouse invites you to its two-day conference on the subject of “Borders and Emigration.” The conference will take place on the 28th and 29th of March 2019 at the Catholic Institute of Toulouse, France.

At a political level, the question of borders lies at the centre of the foundation of every country and state. With the emergence of nation states, borders have become geographic and physical. As a result of globalisation, borders have become both legal and political issues.

As for religion, history shows us that the influence of belief systems on borders is vital. Every religion which aims to be universal seeks to broaden its territory. Whether this is through preaching or crusades, the limits of the influence of religions have themselves become the borders between civilisation and barbarism, between nations of peace and nations of war.

Wars, poverty, or even the climate have forced populations to leave their countries and to emigrate. The phenomenon of emigration, glorified by some religions, remains problematic at both a political and religious level, resulting in serious economic consequences.

Selection Committee:

Prof. Marie-Thérèse Urvoy (ICT - Bordeaux III)

Prof. Grégory Woimbée (ICT)

Dr. Amal Marogy (Cambridge)

Dr. Georgio Rahal (ICT)

Proposals should be sent to the scientific representative of the Jomier–CISA research chair at the following address:

Submissions are accepted in English, French and Arabic

Deadline:  11th January 2019


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