New Research Network: “Categories of Religion and the Secular in Islam” (CRSI)

New Research Network: “Categories of Religion and the Secular in Islam” (CRSI)

CRSI is an interdisciplinary network of scholars interested in critical approaches to ‘religion’ and ‘the secular/non-religious’ as discursive categories in Islamic contexts. The network's aim is to create a space to foster an emerging sub-field at the intersection of critical theory in Religion and Islamic Studies, encouraging cross-regional discussions in order to rethink the way we talk about Islam and Muslims.

We have created a community email listserv for discussion of these themes and circulation of academic notices, calls, publications, etc. Membership is free and open to all scholars and graduate students working on relevant themes in any period or region. To subscribe, email Alex Henley ( with your university affiliation and a very brief statement of your interest in the network's themes.

Further details here:

The CRSI network is coordinated by Dr Alex Henley, Marie Curie Fellow in Theology & Religion at the University of Oxford.


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