Scientific Advisor to the Kuwait Chair

Call for Applications - Scientific Advisor to the Kuwait Chair, Sciences Po

50,000 € in research funds each year

The Kuwait Program at Sciences Po is a partnership between Sciences Po and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). Working together, the two institutions support research and teaching of excellence in the social sciences and humanities, with special emphasis on the Middle East and Gulf Region.

Sciences Po and KFAS, under the Kuwait Chair of Sciences Po, are seeking a talented scholar for either a one or two-year term to serve as the Scientific Advisor to the Kuwait Chair, based at the Paris School of International Affairs, with commensurate compensation. The Scientific Advisor will dedicate his/her research and teaching to the region.

The Scientific Advisor will also contribute to the annual series of public events and private meetings in Paris and Kuwait, organized by the Kuwait Program. He/she will commit to a minimum of two one-week trips to Kuwait yearly, one trip dedicated to the delivery of a public lecture, and another dedicated to research efforts. The Kuwait Program will cover travel costs associated with these trips.


- Open to individuals of all nationalities
- Professors and researchers who are full-time faculty members of professorial rank at their home institution (e.g. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or University Professor)
- Applications must come from either the social sciences or economics, with an interest in the Middle East or Gulf Region. The ideal candidate will have a research focus on one of the following subjects: political economy issues, human development policies, urban policies, environmental issues, comparative study of legislative cycles, health issues, etc.


The position is open for a duration of either one or two years, including a minimum of a full academic year in residence at Sciences Po (from September to July). The position will start on September 1st, 2019 and last until either August 2020 or August 2021.

Application Process

To apply, please send the following materials in English to the Kuwait Program Manager by email:

- A letter of intent (2 pages max.) which designates term preference (one or two years)
- A brief resume
- A detailed resume with a complete list of the candidate's research, work and publications
- A research proposal detailing the two-year research project which must include expectations in terms of publications (10 pages max.)
- Suggestions for two courses to be offered on topics related to the Middle East or Gulf Region at the graduate level
- Two letters of references
- Teaching evaluations of previous courses offered, if available

Deadline to apply is Tuesday, January 15th, 2019. Results will be announced by February 2019.

The full call for applications may be found here:

Kuwait Program Manager - Morgan Packer,



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