Open Rank Full-time Faculty: Classical Arabic Language

About Zaytuna College
Zaytuna College, America’s first accredited Muslim college, aims to restore the centrality of the pursuit of knowledge among Muslims that has always been the hallmark of the Islamic tradition. The primary mission of the college is “to educate and prepare morally committed professional, intellectual, and spiritual leaders, who are grounded in the Islamic scholarly tradition and conversant with the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping modern society.” Drawing ultimately from the wisdom tradition of Islam, Zaytuna College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Islamic Law and Theology.

Open Rank Full-time Faculty: Classical Arabic Language. A 3-year renewable full-time non-tenured faculty appointment in Arabic beginning June 2019.

Core teaching and research responsibilities will be in Classical Arabic courses to be taught to undergraduate students. Courses will take place over three semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
Requirements for the position include:
• Native or near-native fluency in Arabic
• Core competency in Classical Arabic
• Demonstrable ability to teach Classical Arabic to undergraduate students
• Familiarity with Islamic terminology
• Familiarity with traditional grammar and morphology books, such as Sharh Qatr al-Nada by Imam ibn Hesham and Jawahar al-Balaghah by Ahmed Hashemi

Primary Duties
• Teach two courses per semester in the Fall and Spring and one course in the Summer
• Composition of syllabi for the following courses
o Arabic Texts Studies
o Arabic Rhetoric and Literature
o Advanced Arabic Seminar
o Summer Arabic Intensive
• Be available to teach text-based special reading courses in the area of expertise to students of exceptional motivation
• Attend all Faculty Affairs Committee meetings
• Serve on one to two other committees as needed by the College
• Serve as an academic advisor and thesis advisor to students
• Engage in strategic planning with the College leadership and faculty in regard to curriculum and teaching

Broad Expectations
• Awareness and appreciation of the unique mission of the College
• Conduct on-going research that deepens expertise in a scholarly field and leads to the publication of books, journal articles, dictionary entries, etc.
• Attend important events such as commencement ceremonies, college lectures, select student-initiated events
• Be active in the general intellectual life of the College and relevant local and national forums
• Be open to volunteering for development activities for the College
• Engage in professional academic organizations

• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Sound analytical and problem-solving skills
• Strong student relations
• Sound time management and organization skills
• Ability to work as a team member
• Capacity to think clearly and logically

Required Education and Experience
• Ph.D. in Arabic or a relevant field
• 3-5 years teaching experience at the college level

Required Documentation
• CV
• Writing sample (no more than thirty pages)
• Statement of teaching philosophy
• Statement of research interests
• 3 Letters of reference
• Two examples of syllabi related to the teaching cluster

To Apply

Email all application materials to:


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