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Travel to Jordan with the Authors Guild Foundation, April 15-25 2019

Founded in 1912, the Authors Guild is the nation’s oldest and largest professional organization for writers—the Foundation is its educational and charitable arm. Since our beginnings over a century ago, we have served as the collective voice of American authors. We believe travel not only allows us to see the world and connect to new literary communities, but also stimulates the conversations and cultural exchanges from which creativity flows. This ten-night experience offers rare access to Jordan, known the world over for its long tradition of hospitality and breathtaking landscapes.

Curating our experience in Jordan is Andrea Bronson, Vice President of Programs. Andrea has worked for the Authors Guild and Authors Guild Foundation for twelve years, directing educational programs for working writers. Splitting her time between New York City and Amman, Jordan, Andrea has designed a unique journey to explore both ancient and contemporary Jordan and experience the country’s literary life through its writers, journalists, publishers, and booksellers.

Founded after World War I, Jordan has grown into a modern nation that enjoys prosperity and peace. Using expert guides and Andrea’s deep connections in the country, our tour will introduce you to Jordan’s diverse people and its wealth of historical, cultural, and archeological sites, many dating to Biblical times. You will meet local Jordanians and experience their culture first hand.

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