Participatory Development in Practice Internship in Marrakech

Under the auspices of the University of Virginia, I am teaching a four-credit academic internship program in Marrakech this summer (May 27th to July 19th) called, Participatory Development in Practice. With the support of the High Atlas Foundation team, students will directly engage in local development - from design to implementation and evaluation - and utilize social theories to help guide and provide insights into the experiences.

Students will help facilitate gender empowerment workshops, community planning of projects, proposal development, partnership identifying and building - and relate all of this and more to national and global processes of change and growth.

The course description and information on how to register is here:
http ://www .programs .studyabroad .virginia .edu /index .cfm ? Fuse Action =Programs .View Program&Program_ID=11201

The course credits are transferable to universities around the world. It is a very special opportunity to have a full community development experience in Morocco and build the essential skills in that regard, while also putting theory into highly useful practice.

The program fee will include housing, as well as traditional breakfasts and lunches everyday at the HAF office in Marrakech, where instruction will be held.

Please write with any specific questions or comments to myself, Yossef Ben-Meir ( or Ingrid Hakala Applications are due on March 1st.

Thank you for considering this, and hopefully for sharing this opportunity with students and others whom you feel may be interested.

Kind regards,

Yossef Ben-Meir, Ph.D.
High Atlas Foundation


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