2020-21 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program competition

The 2020-21 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program competition is now open! A complete list of opportunities can be found in our Catalog of Awards (https://awards.cies.org). Highlights from the 34 awards offered in the Middle East and North Africa include:

Featured Awards
• Egypt: American University of Cairo (https://awards.cies.org/content/american-university-cairo-1)
• Jordan: All Disciplines (https://awards.cies.org/content/all-disciplines-226)
• Qatar: All Disciplines (https://awards.cies.org/content/all-disciplines-249)
• Morocco: All Disciplines (https://awards.cies.org/content/all-disciplines-318)
• Israel: Senior Scholar Fellowship (https://awards.cies.org/content/all-disciplines-senior-scholar-fellowship)

Multi-Country Awards
• Middle East and North Africa Regional Research Award (https://awards.cies.org/content/middle-east-and-north-africa-regional-research-program-1)
• Morocco-Spain Joint Teaching/Research Award (https://awards.cies.org/content/morocco-spain-joint-teachingresearch-award-0)

Postdoctoral and Early Career Awards
Fulbright presents excellent opportunities for recently minted scholars to deepen their expertise and make connections with others in their fields, all while serving as cultural ambassadors. We offer several prestigious postdoctoral awards in Israel and Qatar that are available in all fields of study. (https://www.cies.org/program/postdoc)

Applicants must be U.S. citizens. For eligibility factors, detailed application guidelines and review criteria, please visit our website. (https://www.cies.org)

Applicants are encouraged to attend our webinar about Fulbright Opportunities in the MENA region on March 13. During the session, we will present regional highlights, discuss how to submit a competitive application, and answer participants’ questions. The presentation will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. (https://www.cies.org/event/fulbright-us-scholar-opportunities-middle-east-and-north-africa-0)

You can also refer your colleagues to receive information about the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program. Program staff will contact all referrals, providing valuable information about the award offerings and application process. You can also list your colleagues’ primary discipline or preferred country, which will allow us to tailor our guidance. (https://www.iiefeedback.org/se/6125022508F9E7AA)


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