2021 Women and Gender Studies in the Middle East


The Association for Middle East Women’s Studies (AMEWS) is pleased to invite submissions of abstracts for an international conference on gender and women’s studies in the Middle East in the second week of March 2021 in Beirut, Lebanon, in partnership with local universities (American University of Beirut and Lebanese American University). This is the first AMEWS conference in the Middle East. The conference engages scholars from multiple locations in and outside of the region, on the cutting-edge topics propelling research on gender and women’s studies in the Middle East and with populations in the diaspora. The call is open to the broad range of topics on gender and women’s studies in the social sciences and humanities: politics, economics, history, sexualities, culture, arts, digital humanities and so forth. The abstracts will be reviewed and thematically organized. There may be invited speakers and sessions. AMEWS expects to be able to fund the travel, accommodations and catering for the majority of the participants, with funding priority going to those residing in the Middle East. Several products are planned, including publications and engagements with NGO’s and other local organizations committed to gender issues. For more information about AMEWS, see: http://amews.org/ and The Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, https://www.dukeupress.edu/Societies/journal-of-middle-east-womens-studies. If you are interested in participating, please send an abstract (250 words) on a topic of your interest – include in the abstract why you believe this is a pressing topic.

Abstract template:
Affiliation :
Snail Mail:
Title of paper :
Abstract of 250 words.

Please send your abstracts to Angie Abdelmonem: angie.abdelmonem@asu.edu
The deadline for sending abstracts is October 30, 2019.

Planning Committee: Fatima Sadiqi, Chair; Hanadi Al-Samman, Angie Abdelmonem, Louise Cainkar, Amaney Jamal, Suad Joseph


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