The 12th Tunis Exchange: Meet Key Leaders Across Tunisia

*June 9-June 16, 2019
*Registration Deadline I April 15/Registration II May 15, 2019
*22 slots only/Rolling acceptance
*Visit for more information, to view previous completed schedules and also details about our upcoming Beirut Exchange conference June 21-23 (see below).

Who Should Register:
— Foreign diplomats;
— NGO practitioners;
— Researchers, analysts and journalists;
— Academics working on the region.

The 12th Tunis Exchange will be held in Association with the Democracy and Governance Program at Georgetown University June 9-16 and will engage participants from around the world in a multifaceted discussion of some of the key issues facing Tunisia and the wider region.

Program Format:
The Tunis Exchange will open at the Novotel/IBIS Hotel in downtown Tunis with an orientation and security briefing at 6pm on Sunday, June 9 (the timing may change to accommodate late arrivals). On June 13 at 6pm, the group will travel south for two days of meetings in the interior regions. We will return from the south by 1pm on Sunday, June 16 to Novotel/IBIS and close The Exchange. In order to promote small group dynamics, the number of participants will be capped at 22. Sessions themselves will be conducted on an individual rather than a panel basis for all speakers and will generally allow ample opportunity for question time. All sessions will also be held under the Chatham House rule, although we customarily work with our speakers to approve any quotes/references that participants may need for their own work.


Join Us In Beirut To Celebrate a Decade of The Exchange in MENA
* June 21-23, 2019
* @ Crowne Plaza Hamra
* Open to our Alumni as well as non-Alumni

Overview: Friday, June 21, from 7pm-10pm we will kick off with a reception for participants and selected guests – including previous Exchange speakers – on the top floor of the event venue, Crowne Plaza Hamra. Our full day conference starts the next morning at the hotel, Saturday June 22 at 9am and will include sessions led by prominent alumni, politicians and experts on politics in the Middle East & North Africa. On Sunday, June 23, we will embark on buses at 10am for a lunch in Moukhtara and a tour of the Chouf region, returning to Crowne Plaza by 5pm.

Invited Speakers: (NOTE: A full schedule of confirmed speakers will be announced April 1)
* Walid Jumblatt, Former MP, The Progressive Socialist Party
* Alain Aoun, MP, The Free Patriotic Movement
* Yassine Jabber, MP, The Liberation & Development Bloc
* Mustafa Alloush, Former MP, The Future Movement
* Shadi Karam, Former Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister
* Nicholas Blanford, Author
* Karim Makdisi, American University of Beirut
* Omar Nashabe, Consultant for Defense Counsel, Special Tribunal for Lebanon
* Ayman Mhanna, Samir Kassir Foundation
* Bashir Saade, University of Stirling



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