INLAC Language & Culture opportunities

The International Institute for Languages and Cultures (INLAC) in Fez, Morocco offers:

Fall, Spring, and Summer Intensive Arabic classes, as well as courses on North Africa and the Middle East covering: Gender and  Women Studies, Politics, Islam, Migration,  Contemporary Issues, and Social Movements.   

Fall Semester:  9 September –  18 December, 2019
Spring Semester:  6 January –  17 April, 2020

Summer Complete Immersion Program 2019 
Summer 1:  20 May
Summer 2:  24 June
From Three to Twelve Weeks

INLAC also offers homestays, excursions, volunteer work, and many cultural and social activities. Our services are customized.


The language program is divided into 3 major levels:  beginners, intermediate and advanced. All these levels include the  four major skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Our approach is mainly communicative. We believe in interactive and dynamic methodology. In most of our classes, students are given good  chances to practice and develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
Special emphasis is put on communication, grammar, vocabulary and  conversational skills.
Placement Test: The placement test will evaluate the skill level and  place the student in the right class.


Parallel to the language program, we have cultural activities that  include Arabic literature, Calligraphy, Arts of Morocco, Arab society, culture and customs,  Arab media, Arab and Berber music, Middle East political issues, and Moroccan cooking. Advanced programs include  culture, basic courses in Arabic literature, Qur’anic reading, and translation.
Inlac offers standard Arabic courses of different durations for  students and professionals coming as individuals or as groups.

Textbook:  The main textbook used is ‘Al-Kitaab Series’ (Alif Baa,  Al-Kitaab I,II,III).  This is in addition to other materials and  activities.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write.

Contact: INLAC 7bis Derb Ben A bdejlil, Ziat, Fez Médina, Fez, Morocco
Tel/Fax: +(0)535 63 63 84
For further details, please visit:


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