Call for Papers: Tensions in Movement Building

We are pleased to invite submissions for issue 5.3 of Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research, slated for publication in December 2019.

We are looking for papers that articulate the tensions between different forms of organizing in the MENA: institutional, non-governmental, and grassroots. We are also interested in papers that look at tensions within feminist movements in the MENA as possibilities for accountability and movement building. We are looking to understand and contextualize instances of feminist complicity and solidarity against instances of cooptation and silencing. We would want for this issue to be an imaginative act that envisions the ways in which cross-movement and/or transnational solidarities are built and tensions are acknowledged.

The deadline for submission is July 21, 2019.

To submit a paper, please send your blinded piece to as a .doc or .docx file, with “Submission Issue 11” as the subject of your e-mail.

Click here for more information.


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