New online web-based course: Egyptian Culture on Film

Dear colleagues,

Please circulate to all interested parties. A brand new online web-based course: Egyptian Culture on Film Offered by the author of the course: Kamal AlEkhnawy
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The main aim of this content-based course is to introduce to native and native-like speakers of Arabic the features of cultural change as reflected in Egyptian film over time. This course focuses on the prominent features of change of cultural phenomena and social mobility over time in Egypt and as well as the Arab World. Through observations and profound analysis, this course also aims to highlight and raise awareness of cultural attitude to enhance learners’ ability to view a wide scale of cultural differences and raise awareness, at both metacognitive and cognitive levels, of intercultural communicative competence, cross-culture communication, and transcultural communication in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This course is offered in Arabic. The goals of this course are for the participants to watch and compare movies from disparate time periods, engage them in various debates, be able to express themselves in writing and speaking within the theme taught, and help them gain some insight into cultural similarities and differences over time in Egypt. This is achieved through introducing the themes covered in the course. This course focuses on building the capacity of participants to live in harmony with others and be global citizens. For more information, please click here and don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, Kamal AlEkhnawy


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